simply_shipping (simply_shipping) wrote in bad_service,

This should not be this difficult

So about a year ago, I got a bike. The bike was great, no complaints about it. Of course, it doesn't stay that way or I wouldn't be on this comm ranting.

This May, I took it back to the store I'd bought it from for its' spring tune-up, like you do. Tune-up was free with the bike's warranty, otherwise I would've gone to my old, wonderful, completely reliable repair shop. I really wish I had. I called before I brought my bike in, to make sure they weren't to busy and that the bike section was open. Employee on the phone said, sure, bring it in.

So I did. Turns out, they only schedule one employee at a time for both the bike and exercise equipment sections, so it took ten/fifteen minutes for someone to come over. Alright, not the guy's fault, scheduling suck for everyone concerned. I get my bike checked in, the guy says he'll call in a few days when it's done. Okay, cool.

A week passes, as does the expected completion date. No call. I call them instead. The person who answers the phone says that they'll redirect the phone to Bikes. I settle in to wait. Twenty minutes later, someone picks up. "Apparel."

...No. I get him to transfer me to the proper department. Twenty minutes after that, the Bike employee finally picks up. My bike is done and ready to pick up. Awesome. We pack my Dad's bike into the car to kind of exchange them--pick mine up, drop his off for its' tune-up.

We head in, everything cool. Long wait at the Bike counter again, but that was almost expected. Switch out the bikes, everything mostly cool. They say it's going to take a little longer because their tech (yes, singular--apparently they only have one hired at a time) is out sick. Alright, fine, warning appreciated. I get home, try out my bike aaaaaand... Something's wrong. My seat is still loose, even though I specifically mentioned that to them, and now my pedal is banging against the chain whenever it goes around. Damn it.

Go back to the bike store the next day. Employee is terribly apologetic, says he'll bump it to the top of the list of repairs, done on Monday. Today, Friday, I call them because I still haven't hears. After 50 minutes on hold (I watched an entire episode of Bones while waiting, so I'm sure of the time range), I get the bike department.

I give my name, the brand, the model, and the color of my bike. Guy checks, yep, it's done. Drive back out, hang around the bike counter for ten minutes or so (they're improving!). Guy remembers me from the phone, goes back and rolls out a bike...but not mine. In fact, it's my dad's. Employee says that it's the one I was asking about on the phone, despite having only the brand in common. Not color, not model, not the fact that it's a men's bike and he knew I was female (addressing me as Miss, etc.).

Turns out, even though they didn't call him like they said they would, his bike's been done for a couple of days and mine still isn't. In fact, mine won't be done for another week or so, because they have to order in a new pedal. Which, y'know, might've been nice to tell me about, since they had my number. Or they could have called us when they finished Dad's bike. Or looked at the right damn bike when I gave them every piece of information about it.

I'm done. I don't care about the tune-up being free, I'm going to my reliable repair shop next time. This is just ridiculous.

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