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Amusing WTF Service and Deli Fun

I normally try and avoid the Deli section of Supermarkets because of the prices and lines, but I thought I'd found a Deli I could deal with. Oh well...won't be the first or last time I'm wrong.

I grew up on the East Coast USA, and I prefer thin slices of lunch meat (I think it's an Italian thing). I live in the Midwest now, where (from what I've seen) people prefer ginormous slabs, Oscar-Meyer Bologna style. This makes me gag. Anyway...

So, after 5 years of arguing with deli counter folk that no, "sliced thin" does not mean as wide as my thumb, I found a chain (Hy-Vee) that offers pretty tasty pre-shaved beef and turkey. No arguing, no slicing involved, just point and wrap. Problem solved, right?

The deli guy was actually nice, but beyond clueless. The following is the synposis of our conversation...

Players: Me/Deli Guy(DG)/Deli Guy #2 (DG2)

Me: Hiya. Can I get 1/2 a pound of the Dilessio Choice Rare Roast Beef? It's the shaved stuff in the front here. *points*
DG: Ok, you want the HY-Vee medium rare, right?
Me: Uh, no sorry the rare. Right here *points again*
DG: Oh, They're the same. *reaches for the Hy-Vee brand*
Me. *blinks* Ok, the HY-Vee brand says "Medium Rare," the Dilessio says "Rare."
DG: Yeah, but they're pretty much the same, and the Hy-Vee brand is cheaper.
Me: Why would one say Rare and the other say Medium Rare? Wouldn't they say the same thing if they were the same?

****interlude. Deli Guy #2 is trying desperately to get DG #1's attention, to stop him from continuing down the slippery slope of his flawed reasoning****

DG: *looks at the tags in front* Oh, yeah. Well, they ARE pretty much the same, it's just that the Hy-Vee brand has been sitting out for a while, so it got a little darker.
Me. *stares* "Wow, that REALLY makes me want to buy it, then!
DG2: Shakes his head and walks away
DG : want the other stuff I guess?
Me: 1/2 a pound of the Dilessio Rare Roast Beef please.
DG: Here you go, have a great day (big smile)

And for the record, the rare looked very different from the medium rare, but hey I don't stare at the stuff all day.
Furthermore, I'm still kinda baffled by the encounter, especially since I assume telling a customer that meat has been "sitting out a while" would typically fall under the "no" category in deli training camp. 

Anyway, it was funny more than annoying. And the roast beef I got home was delish! :P

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