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No register!!!!

CLERK at the Albertson's deli yesterday: "Can I help you?"
ME: "Yes, please. I have one large coffee."
CLERK: "OK, and . . ."
ME: "I'd like to pay for it."
CLERK: "Can't you see we don't have a register here??? Go pay for it up in the front!!!"

No, ma'am, I couldn't see that because the counter is very tall. Every other Albertson's I've been in lets you pay for deli items in the deli. And you really didn't have to snap at me. A simple, "I'm sorry, you have to pay for that at the front" would have been just fine.

So I had to make two trips through the front checkout: One to pay for the coffee, and another to pay for my groceries when I was done shopping. (I really didn't want to walk around the store sipping something I hadn't paid for . . . a guilt thing instilled by my mother, I guess.)
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