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Dear local McDonald's: why does your drive-thru menu board say a small strawberry lemonade is $1.59 but the woman at the register insisted it was $2.29? I really wanted to try this new frozen awesomeness, but that just irritated me so I turned it down. Guess I didn't want it that much, after all.

EDIT: Drove by today (to get sweet tea this time as all I've got in the house is water) and noticed the menu board had been changed (I promise it said $1.59 last night. I double and triple checked after she gave me the total. :) ). I guess they must have changed the prices inside but not updated the board yet. (curiously, I'd been asked in the beginning of the transaction if I had a coupon so the cynic in me suspects they raised the price to cover for people using coupons)
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