kilaen (kilaen) wrote in bad_service,

 First of all, an update on my last post.

They have moved the oven. I had to threaten a lawsuit, but they finally did it! And, plus, since I ended up going to a doctor for some creams and stuff, they paid for it completely. 

Add here's another rather old b_s. 

A friend recommended a cleaning lady, Linda. (I was around 13 at this time, my brother 16.) The friend said Linda was just getting on her feet and needed clients, so my mother hired her to come clean the house. She did fine, but then she decided to bring along someone to help her. I don't really remember his name for whatever reason, so I'll just call him Mike.

Mike acted strange and didn't talk much, but they never stayed for that long so nobody really worried. Then, some strange things started happening. My brother used to keep money in a little envelope in his underwear drawer. One day, after they'd cleaned, he came home from a movie to find the drawer opened and the money spread all his bed. They DID NOT do any laundry or putting away of clothes of any sort. There didn't seem to be any money missing. My brother blamed me (the curse of the younger sibling). It happened two more times before my brother came to his senses and put the money in a more secure hiding place.

Then, Mike started following me around the house. If I was in my bedroom, he'd be in the hallway vacuuming or polishing some cabinets or something. If I was in the living room, he was in the living room. Once, I was talking on the phone, and I  suddenly realized he had been standing just outside the doorway, watching me. He was an adult male, easily in his forties, and I was a teenage girl, so he creeped me out immensely. But, I was a stupid teenage girl, so I didn't tell anyone.
I remember one convo I had with him that left me with the creepy crawlies. He'd caught me in the hallway and left me quite cornered. 

Mike: How old are you, kilaen?
Me: I'm thirteen.
Mike: You're very pretty.
Me: Thank you...

I then promptly made up an excuse, went into my bedroom, and locked the door. Still, for whatever reason, I didn't tell anybody about it. I suppose he could have just trying to be nice, but I something about his behavior didn't feel right. 
Then, he got himself fired. I wasn't in the house at the time, but my Mom was. She said she was doing some laundry, and she suddenly heard a huge crashing noise, and something falling down the stairs. She rushed over, and found out he had thrown OUR vacuum down the steps! My parents got very angry and told Linda that she either had to stop bringing Mike to help her, or leave. She left, and that was that, I guess. We were forced to pay the repairs on our vacuum (90 dollars) because Linda would not respond when we called. 
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