Meaghan (broken_organ) wrote in bad_service,


My boyfriend and I live in an area in town where nearby restaurants are limited to fast food and one diner that's open pretty late (likely due to the bar traffic).
Neither of us had eaten there before, but as it was after 9pm and we were both tired, we decided to try it out.

We ordered large fries and gravy and a souvlaki to go.
The man taking our order was very friendly and cordial... To the customers. He smiled as we paid, and then it was basically Mr. Hyde or some shit. He went to the kitchen and began screaming at the cook our order (repeating it over and over), and then immediately after, screamed at a sad looking woman working the till to clean the men's bathroom. The weirdest part was how he'd shapeshift into Smiley McHappiness when speaking directly to a customer, even though we could all clearly see him being a psycho with his staff.

It took approximately 15 minutes to receive our food, and during this period, we witnessed him in a screaming match with every employee. I'm pretty sure they're related, as one of the other guys could yell as loud as Mr. Hyde.
Finally, our order's up, and we're thankful to be out of there, and return home.

The first thing I noticed was that my fries were in an incredibly small container (ordered large, $6.00), and the gravy was already on top.
(*Obviously we should have checked the bag before leaving, given the circumstances, we just wanted to get out.)
I shrug it off and pour my fries onto a plate, and am horrified to find three nasty, deep-fried flies in coagulated gravy.

I immediately went to tell my boyfriend who is meanwhile gagging on a souvlaki filled with rancid mayonnaise and what appears to be all the fat trimmings from the meat. As in no actual meat, just fat.

I know I should have complained or asked for a refund, but the owner is so unstable, I'd rather not see him ever again than have my $12.00 back.

Horrible experience, but I'm mostly angry that he has forever tainted my favourite food combination ever.
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