She Herself (ipsafictura) wrote in bad_service,
She Herself

Yes, they do both say "dish" but still...

I've had a cleaning lady for about a year and a half. She's a nice woman, a little dingy but nice, and always attentive and thorough. Unfortunately, about two months ago she called me to let me know she was adding an assistant to her practice because she was too busy to do all the cleaning herself (which is great for her, I'm certainly happy she's got enough work for that, especially in this economy), so she starts bringing along her daughter's half-brother to help with the cleaning. He's friendly (if a bit overly so) and not very professional, but I'm hardly expecting them to show up in maid's outfits or anything like that.

It starts with small stuff, he puts the flat sheet sideways on the bed when he makes it the first time, he loaded some things in the dishwasher incorrectly and included some things that weren't dishwasher safe.

But then...

They came yesterday, and yesterday evening I ran my dishwasher, only to discover that my kitchen floor was covered in soapy water. I don't know why it didn't occur to me at the time that suds shouldn't be coming out of my dishwasher at all, but it didn't, and it wasn't until I called a repair man the next day (he was gracious enough to trouble shoot the problem with me over the phone and identified the cause and told me how to fix it without charging me or coming out, so at least there's some good service going on) that I found out the issue. I described the problem to the repairman and he immediately said, "sounds like someone put the wrong soap in the dishwasher."

So I email my cleaning lady, and a few minutes later her assistant calls back and says that he put the CLEARLY LABELED dish soap from the counter in my dishwasher, realized his mistake, but then didn't tell me or Missy about it. The dish soap is clear, and he either wiped some (but not all) of it out of the soap thingie, or it just leaked out into the bottom of the dishwasher and wasn't noticeable by the time I ran the thing.

I've already called her and told her how much time this is has cost and what a headache it is, and hopefully she'll keep a better eye on him, but what the hell is the point of hiring a cleaning assistant that doesn't know the most basic stuff about housecleaning. I really don't want to find a new cleaning lady, but sheesh.
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