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Cell phone frustration

This may not be the worst thing ever but boy am I frustrated. About 3 weeks ago I dropped my cell phone at work (a Motorola Cliq) and the touch screen completely shattered. By some grace of God, it was still functioning, which was great because the insurance company wanted $130 to replace it. I think this is way too much and I started looking around on ebay for something cheaper. Eventually though my phone did start to break in other ways (freezing, refusing to open texts or let me answer calls, etc) and I resolved to buy the next phone I found under $130.

I soon found a MyTouch 3g for $94 that was ending soon with no bids. This was last Thursday, May 26th. It was listed by the company Mobile Karma and under the condition tab, it was listed as good. I won the phone and immediately paid through Paypal. I was sending this payment from my phone though and I didn't realize the address that was set to home was an old one. I immediately sent the seller an ebay message and the next morning I called their 800 number.

I spoke to a nice woman who told me unfortunately there was no way to change the shipping address and I would either have to cancel the whole thing and re-buy it from their website or talk to the post office about change of address so it would be forwarded to me (that's not the bad service, although midly annoying, I should have checked my info first) I was reluctant to cancel the order because she told me it would take 24-48 hours to get the refund, then another 24-48 hours to process the new order which meant another week of me missing calls and texts. I opted to call the post office and find out if I could file another change of address even though I already did it last year and that I'm again moving so I would need to change 2 address. They tell me it's fine but it takes up to 72 hours to start forwarding service so I should find out when my package is being shipped.

I call back Mobile Karma and speak to another rep who tells me the package probably wont ship until after Memorial Day but I shouldn't chance it and just to cancel and re-purchase. Then she tells me "I'm not sure if you're aware but this phone is in poor condition." I was a little confused since the auction page said it was good, but she says there must have been a mix up and it's in such poor condition she wouldn't buy it if it were her. Now I'm mad and I tell her to put the order on hold and I'll call back. I spoke to my girlfriend briefly and she agreed I should cancel the order so I call them back not minutes later. All of a sudden, even though the first two times I called I got through after 1 ring, all lines are busy and I keep getting disconnected. When I finally do get through I wind up speaking to the same girl I spoke to the first time around. I tell her I want to cancel and she says it's done.

The next day, Saturday, I check my paypal. No refund. I remember that they had told me it may take 24-48 hours for a refund to process, so I don't worry about it. Sunday there is still nothing there but their phone line is not available on Sundays so I write this email: "Hello. On Thursday, May 26th, I won ebay auction #400218686210. On Friday, May 27th I decided to cancel the order due to a discrepancy in the described condition of the phone and what a representative told me was the actual condition. I was informed that it would take 24 - 48 hours for my refund to be processed. It has been over 48 hours at this point. I am writing this email to make sure that my request to cancel the order was in fact recorded and see the status of my refund. With you holding my payment for over 2 days, your company is preventing me from purchasing another cell phone elsewhere. I would appreciate a quick response. Thank you and have a nice holiday." I sent it in the early evening but get nothing back even though supposedly there are email reps there 24/7. Monday afternoon I was moving and didn't get to check my email or paypal until later in the day but when I do i get this response: "We will be happy to assist you with this request, but we are unable to locate your order from this message. If you will kindly provide any/all of the following we will be able to better resolve your issue: Invoice/Order ID# & email address"

I replied (admittedly a little sarcastically) that all of that info could be gathered from my original email but I provided it again and stressed that it was now three days since I canceled my order. My phone is only getting worse and I need that refund before I can buy another one. This morning I woke up to still no refund and a response telling me that she has emailed the Accounting Department to issue my refund and to allow another 24 hours for that to process. I don't understand why, now 4 days later, my refund is only just getting requested. I've asked her to look into the reason for the delay and if I don't have it by tomorrow, I'm going to raise hell. Not everyone can afford to have close to $100 tied up for almost a week because people couldn't be bothered to do their jobs.

Here's a picture of the auction page so you know I'm not crazy:

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