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Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

Suck upon suck upon suck.....

So, when the car was totalled, and we got offered a payout we liked, we started looking around for a car. Aside from sketchy dealers (that was a previous post), we've been also dealing with an insurance company who can't get their facts straight, or let anyone else know anything that is coherent.

We got a rental car that was promised to be "comparable" -- which is wasn't. Honda Element > Dodge Caliber. Okay, I understand, nothing they could do. It was late, in a city two hours away, and it was apparently the last car left on a Sunday evening in the rental shop. (Honda Element is the car that got in the accident, btw). (In addition to the size, or quality not matching, the Caliber guzzles gas like no tomorrow, and the breaks on this particular vehicle squeaks loudly whenever used).

We drive it around, looking at cars, dealers, etc. We inquire as to when the car is due back, and the insurance company says "three days after payout." We thought that was pretty reasonable, gives you 3 days to get your money and get your car (we have an insurance broker as well, and the company mails it to the broker, who collects specific forms off of us, and then mails us the cheque).

Fast forward to last Monday, we're told when we call in about getting insurance on the new vehicle we've found that -- oh, btw, you're rental car was due back last Thursday.


So we explained that we were told it was 3 days after payout (which we thought hadn't happened yet, since we still don't have the cheque). We're told, oh no, that was 3 days after the deal had been accepted.

So we are a bit upset. We felt they should have been much more clear, or given a specific date or something. So we call them in hopes that we can negotiate something -- paying half, or a better rate considering it was partly their fault. (Partly ours because we should have asked for clarification.)

We're told that they already gave us an extension on the car, and really it was due back last Monday.


Uhm, first off, we were told 3 days after payout, then told 3 days after the deal was accepted, and now we're being told it's 3 days after the deal was offered? It could just be me being silly, but I usually thought companies warn customers (it's a courtesy, I know) "You're late, but we're giving you this extension, etc etc" Mind you, who am I kidding?! It's an insurance company.

So, I'm a little bit peeved that the days keep changing and I inquire about what I was told earlier (both different dates). He said that he can't control what someone could say or not say, or something along those lines of "not my problem." Then when I tried to clarify the idea of "payout" and how his definition, was within the company, and most people would assume something different. While I'm not completely blameless for not clarifying, this must happen a lot since you guys don't elaborate? He just basically kept repeating what he said, and told me to call the insurance broker.

Why should the insurance broker have to pay anything since it was the insurance company who withheld and changed the information?

Anyway, so, to add to this, I get a call from the car rental place, and I'm told my car is overdue (again, thanks for telling me like a week late--- really if just ONE of them had told me a lot sooner--- lol) I tell them I'm working it out with the insurance company. So they call the insurance company (I'm not sure why), and the insurance company informs them that I KNEW THAT MY CAR WAS DUE BACK LAST THURSDAY.


So I find this out when the car rental people call back and tell me this, and also they add, "Oh and I tried to run your card today, like you said (Tuesday), and it was declined."


I never once agreed with them to run my card, nor did I say, run it on a weekday, I said if everything goes well I should be able to do it this weekend. Why would he run the bill when he doesn't know how long I'm keeping the car for? Uhh...

So then, in an attempt to get the cheque quickly, so we don't pay fees from the dealer, we ExpressPost'd the letter, next AM (we got it there before 5pm so it was good to go). Apparently the employee brainfarted and did something else with it-- so it was ExpressPost but not priority (2 days, not next AM).

So hubby complained and "they're looking into it." Sigh.

Then the insurance broker said they got the forms and they're going to send it for next day. WE GAVE THEM OUR FEDEX ACCOUNT and asked them to send it via Fedex, we would pay for it. (We were urgently waiting on this).

So, come home today, and what do you know? No letter, no notice, no nothing.

Apparently the letter got stuck in another city where the broker is, and when I asked them to complain, please, they told us they called CanadaPost once and all we could do was check the website.

I don't know about their jobs, but I can't just take a day off to drive 2 hours north to return a rental car (leaving it here would cost a lot out of our pockets)-- so I'm looking at eating possibly another $300 or so in rental fees. :(

If it was just one suck, or screw up, it'd be sucky, but when they kinda... snowball, I'm quite annoyed.
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