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Small annoyed car suck.

Dear Mack's Dealership,

Please, if you KNOW you have ants, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I do not like sitting in the waiting room with them crawling everywhere. I asked about it and the guy at the desk was like, yeah, they sure are bad this year, ha ha. You can get very cheep ant traps at any drug store. I know this because they like my house.

When you are done with my car, please do not leave it running. No one came to get me after you had spent over FIVE hours fixing the assortment of problems you found. I saw one of you move it outside the garage to make more space for the influx of cars. I assumed the guy turned off my car, but left the keys in the ignition. I was too far away to hear otherwise. So after waiting 10 minutes or so I go up to the desk, wait in line for another 20 or so and finally get my paperwork settled (telling them they have my address wrong AGAIN), pay (*sobs*) and get to my car only to find out it has been running this whole time. That's 20-30 minutes. That's a LONG time. I was pissed. Oh, that little How Did We Do Card? You got a lot of ZEROS. I'm going back to Goodyear. Thanks for taking even MORE of my money. ASSHOLES.

No love, Cass, who might be over reacting due to low blood sugar levels. But gas ain't cheap.
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