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Bad Locksmith

 I had to call a locksmith to rekey the front door last night after a particularly bad experience.  This guy's behavior didn't make me feel any better.

I called a company I found online and talked to a dispatcher who seemed sympathetic to my situation.  He told me it was $19 to come out and the price of the rekeying was dependent upon what type of lock I had.  Total cost would be anywhere from $40-$100.  I agree and assumed someone was on the way.

Twenty minutes later I get a call from a man who worked from the locksmith company saying he was on his way and would be at my home in 25-30 minutes.  Oh, I thought he was already on the way.  Him getting here quickly was important since I was getting my locks changed to keep someone out of my home.  Someone who could have been a threat to me.  I don't say anything, I just wait.  

Thirty minutes come and go so I call the man I'll refer to as LS.  He said he had been caught up with something but would be at my place in 10 more minutes.  Fifteen minutes pass and I call again.  I was really scared for my safety and needed this lock change done asap.  He said he was down the street so I stayed on the phone while he was driving.  He told me at this time he was caught up before because "white women are always locking their husbands out of their houses and as a black woman, I would understand how needy they can be."  Um, I'm white.  I told him this and he laughed.  Around this time he got to my house, 30 minutes late.

He came in and started taking the lock apart and doing other things.  I was obviously shook up, just sitting on my couch watching him, hoping this would be over with soon.  He starts making small talk again.  "Oh what did your husband do to make you mad this time"  I told him it wasn't my husband, it was my boyfriend and he's a drunk.
LS:  Oh you don't like to drink? 
me:  I do, but I don't like to get drunk
LS:  You should get drunk!  You should go out with him and be drunk with him!
me: Yeah.. no.. 

At this point I'm really uncomfortable, obviously.  But he's changing the lock so I'm just dealing with it.

LS:  What do they say? Blondes have more fun?  You don't like to have fun?
me:  I do, I'm just not having fun tonight.
LS:  Yes, I could tell you were crying when we talked.  That's why I was late, I didn't want to deal with you crying.

WTF??  I can't believe he's talking to me like this!

He gets a phone call and is practically yelling at some girl on speaker phone while finishing up.  I'm so over the day and this man.  When he is done I jump up to get my debit card I was told I would be able to pay with.

me:  So how much will it be?
LS:  How much do you want to pay?


me: $40?  The man on the phone said considering my situation they could help me out (which I thought to have meant make me pay not-so-much)
LS:  Pretty girls always want a discount.  I usually make them pay more since they won't usually talk to me. $75
me:  $60?
LS:  That's taking money out of my pocket, $70.  

I show him the debit card and he asks if that was all I had.  I told him I also had a check.  He seemed all bothered even though all over their site it says they take credit cards.  He asks if the check was really good and I told him yes.  He has me write it out to him personally, which I found to be weird. 

LS:  If you want a receipt you have to walk me out to my car and get one.

Yeah right, like I'm walking out to my car with this freak.  He leaves, I am happy to have new locks but I am NOT happy to have had to dealt with this asshole after having a traumatic experience of my own.  I want to call and complain but since he has my phone number, address and is a LOCKSMITH and a CREEP, I don't know if I should.

**Update included in the comments.. ugh**
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