You should not be here. (invaderscythe) wrote in bad_service,
You should not be here.

Am I being scammed by my dentist, should I switch?

I got some possible bad service and I need the community's advice on whether I am being scammed by my new dentist or I'm just overreacting.

So I just got a new dentist the beginning of this year because my mom suggested the same dentist she goes to which is conviently right up the road from my boyfriend and I's house, awesome!

Back in Februrary I go in to get my first cleaning and x-rays from them. They had one of those new type of x-ray machines that sends it directly to the computer. After doing my x-rays the dentist examines them on the computer. As I'm sitting directly next to her watching her look on the computer, she tells me I have "secret" decay because I noticed on the computer program she had something on it where you could zoom in really far in on the teeth. She tells me I need all this work done (honestly I don't even remember what kind of work) because of my "decay". I tell her I never had decay before and she asks me if I drink a lot of soda to which I say no, not really so she tells me it's because you're not flossing. Ok...not going to lie, it's true. She does my cleaning and it's all honky dory but I'm still confused by my secret decay but make my first appointment for my decay fixing. After my cleaning I finally start to floss regularly up until present time, hoping they would notice my good effort in me flossing.

I have a few appointments over the next two months (my last one being yesterday) for my secret decay and my second to last appointment (the end of April) after I am finished with my appointment my dentist tells me I need flouride...uh, what, why? She says she notices my teeth are getting weaker and prescribes me some. I'm shocked and confused as to why I need flouride. I've had good teeth my whole life (I've barely had cavities since I was 6, had braces, my teeth are all fixed up from the braces, I now floss reguarly, etc) but I go get my flouride anyways.

I feel confused and dooped by my dentist. I'm not sure if I really needed flouride (considering I was never perscribed it before) or even had secret decay like she said. I'm also confused because I had a previous dentist that I switched out of at the end of last year because I felt the dentist was rude (he kept insisting I take out my tongue piercing even though I don't play with it and don't have any damage to my teeth) and they poked my teeth too much, but they never said anything about decay or flouride.

I decided to check online at a few websites for my dentist and saw nothing but good comments from other patients which also makes me confused.

What do you guys think, am I being scammed? Should I seek out a new dentist or am I just confused and overreacting?
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