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Bad service at a used car dealership? NO WAY XD

Went to a used car dealership last weekend or so.

It had been a week and my hubby was feeling horrible (he totaled the other car we had).

Most used car dealerships we ran into either wouldn't let you test drive without a $1000 deposit, or thought that coming down in price on the internet because the car didn't sell meant that they didn't HAVE to negotiate the price anymore.

So when we randomly encountered a dealership who let us test drive this car without even asking for a copy of our licence, we thought he was a really nice old man (and perhaps too trusting/absent minded).

To offset the "young couple, let's screw 'em" attitude, we brought along my aunt and mom to look and ask questions. My mom asked them how much it was and if it was on the road? He said, oh no no that's plus tax. (Which is typical, if he offered it on the road, then when he sat down some people might expect him to come down even more...)

We liked the car, and we sent our trusted mechanic (1hr+ away) to go and check it out.

He says it's all good, but the tires need to be replaced because they're bald. (I don't know how it passed safety with that... but whatever.... )

So the guy also confirmed when we saw it that certification, e-testing and safety comes with the price we knew about.

Fast forward to today where my hubby goes to negotiate, and suddenly, the price has gone up atleast 1,400. They wanted him to agree to an addition charge of $700 for a tune-up, which they said was standard (I've bought used cars before, if the tune up is standard, no one's ever charged me extra for it). Plus some administration fees and tax.

I was floored, and quite upset. I informed them that the price we were told was plus tax, not administration fees or tune-ups. She went on to explain that they refill the fluids, do an oil change for free, and check the brakes. I told her that that doesn't cost $700 to do anywhere except at your dealership. (The man who owns this dealership also apparently owns a Kia dealership down the road).

Around and around we go, until we find out we have to drive to the Kia dealership to talk to the owner (who was expecting him tonight anyways). We were on the phone with him trying to resolve things, when hubby pulled in, and told him so. Cue a 15 minute wait in an office because "he was busy" (which could have been legitimate, but feels oddly familiar of a car salesman tactic, imho).

After a bit of waiting, hubby goes to leave and that's when the owner decided to come through the doors. He tries to explain the fees, and hubby reminds him once again, no -- you never mentioned this $700 fee for a mandatory extra tune-up. It feels sketchy, and I don't like it. Here's my offer.

The guy said he was being unreasonable. My hubby did tell him something to the effect of you do know you negotiate DOWN from a list price +tax, not up, right? then walked away from the car.

All the time they were saying the tune up was for their protection, incase something goes wrong with it. Uh, that's what certification does (which was included). Duh. I just have a feeling he thought he could fleece the naive, young couple.

If I had known about the hidden $700, I would have never wasted my, or the mechanic's time. Geez.
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