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I was really hoping to go another couple of months before needing to post here again...

Last Saturday, another fast food location actually managed to trump the Wendy's I've complained about here. I had been out at dealerships all morning and had to work at 2PM, so when we were heading home at 12~12:20ish, we stopped at McDonald's. I wanted to be home at 1:15ish so I'd have time to eat my lunch and finish getting ready (I was already halfway ready and I only have a 5 minute commute.) Anyway, they had a job fair going on in the parking lot and there was a bit of a line at the drive through but it wasn't all that bad.

We pull up and order:
- A medium big mac meal with a diet coke.
- A large southern chicken sandwich meal with a sweet tea.
- A medium chicken club meal with a diet coke.
- A mcchicken.
- A mcdouble.
- Two grilled snack wraps.
- A large chocolate banana shake.

A long order but nothing complicated. It was said clearly and slowly, but the total sounded wrong so we asked the girl at the first window to please read our order back to us. She read:
- A medium southern chicken sandwich meal with a diet coke.
- A medium chicken club with a diet coke.
- A mcchicken.
- A mcdouble.
- Two grilled snack wraps.
- A medium chocolate banana shake.
- A medium diet coke.
- A medium sweet tea.

Woah. Pretty wrong. We correct her, giving our order once again, making sure to add that we want a big mac meal along with our drinks corrected. She fixes things, gives us our new total, we pay and pull forward. At the second window, looking at our receipt, we see the wrong order - same thing as listed above. We point this out to the guy at the second window and he grabs his manager. The manager apologizes, we give our order for a third time now, making sure to add that we want the big mac meal and our drinks corrected. We receive the right drinks - two medium diet cokes and a large sweet tea. She then adds that we have been over charged. It was less than two dollars iirc, but still, our money is our money. We ask to please have the amount we were over charged by back, and she says she can't do that! She begins quickly listing off the things we can take instead of our money, "You waannt.. more drink?! Sandwich?! Apple pies? I can give you more food!!" We again insist that no, we do not want more food nor do we have the time or patience at this point to deal with ordering anything again, to please just give us our change so we can go. My father asks, "Can you give us a coupon or a voucher of some sort for the amount since you wont give us the money?" She refuses and again begins rattling off the list of food items we can take in exchange for our change. "Apple pies! I can give you sandwiches! More fries?! More drinks? Another shake?" Sigh. We're running out of time and there's a line behind us so we finally accept a few apple pies instead of being given our change and the money we were over charged by. In hindsight, we should have taken the time spent trying to get our change back to also check our meals.

Now, I was already pretty annoyed that the manager seemed to think apple pies were currency, but when I got home and saw that my entire meal was missing - we had the drink but no big mac or fries - even though we had ordered it THREE TIMES total, I went from annoyed to livid. I was working a long shift that night, so the big mac was my lunch and the snack wraps were to be my dinner in six or seven hours so that I could take a short paid break instead of a longer unpaid one. I ended up having to take the longer break and eating my snack wraps for lunch. I barely had enough time to scarf those down thanks to the manager going back and forth with us on giving us our change.

I complained through the McDonald's website but of course, nobody has gotten back to me. Does anyone know of another way I can contact them? Needless to say, we'll be driving the extra mile or so to Bojangles or Taco Bell or something next time we need fast food (which thankfully isn't often... oiy.)

Edited because I think it's important to note, there was a job fair going on which had half of the (very small) parking lot closed off for two tables and two booths, and the inside had things like face painting and activities for kids going on, so there was nowhere to park and the inside was crowded. Hence going to the drive thru. Otherwise, when we're ordering for the whole family like this, we go inside.

I also have a friend who went to this location yesterday and had the same issue, sans change problems - they messed up her whole order and she had to try several times to get it fixed, so it looks like this is an ongoing issue.

Huzzah last edit I PROMISE. I got a .pdf letter from their area supervisor - or as she said on the phone, customer satisfaction supervisor. It honestly sounds like the SAME manager who came to the window and gave us nonsense. It says in the letter that she is the "area supervisor" and that she is the "store supervisor" so I don't know if its the only store in the ~area~ or what. But on the phone, it sounded exactly like her. I have also heard back from the corporate email, and I emailed the store manager - asking for this to be dealt with through him if possible, but never heard back from him.
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