archangelunmei (archangelunmei) wrote in bad_service,

Dorm room cleaning fun

So, maybe I'm just really sensitive, but this is bugging me.

I'm a student at a university, living in the dorms. Today is Thursday, May 12. Exams were last week, and all students were supposed to be moved out by last Friday, or Saturday at the latest. I had mandatory meetings and a conference this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and today that I had to be on campus for.

So I applied to the campus student services to stay in my dorm room late, since my family lives two hours away and gas is expensive. They granted my request and gave me permission to stay in my dorm until today.

The cleaning crews started coming through yesterday to clean out the dorms before summer session starts. I put up a note on my door apologizing and stating that I was moving out on Thursday. I know this is a big annoyance and an inconvenience to them.

But this morning, before I left for my meeting, I heard a couple of the cleaning staff standing around directly outside my door (which still had the note on it) and loudly complaining that they're probably going to have to stay late tonight to get my room cleaned. I have no idea if they knew I was in there or not, but it was 9:30 in the morning so they probably could have assumed I was.

Then, I took a couple loads of things down to my car so that as soon as my dad gets here this afternoon we can move the big things (like my fridge and TV) and then go as fast as possible. A couple of the cleaning staff were standing around and watching me. On my way out the last time, I apologized to them again and said I had meetings and would try to be out as soon as possible this afternoon.

Both of them just gave me a cold stare, and then one of them said "Yeah, okay, that's fine." in what seemed to me to be a really mean tone.

Yes, I know I'm a huge inconvenience to them right now, but is it too much to ask for them to at least be polite? They made me feel like I had to flee my room in shame. If I go back after my meetings and find they've been in my room anyway, I'm going to be pissed.

ETA: Went back after my meetings, not a cleaning person in sight. They'd probably moved on to another floor/building. No signs they'd gone into my room though, so at least there's that. I moved out fine and dandy. Thanks for all the comments. Like I said, I can totally understand why they would be annoyed with me, it just bothered me that they let it show that much in front of me.


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