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Tenancy woes

Hey guys. Just want some opinions here, on whether this is really bad service or I'm overreacting, or something.

My landlord (K) is driving me nuts. I moved in here last December, with a 3 month lease, and week by week rent after that. K lives in a granny flat behind the house. From the start, she has been difficult. She often turns up at my door unannounced to "discuss" things. Her mail gets delivered to my mailbox, which is annoying, but tolerable. It was mostly the turning up at my door thing that bugged me, but I dealt with it. She kept organising times with me to do a condition report, but she always forgot about it, so it never got done.

A couple of weeks ago she had a big tantrum over not being able to get phone/internet in the granny flat because our telco, Optus, will not put through a second, separate line to the same property. She complained that she was racking up huge fees on her mobile (she was on a cheap plan so she could call her daughter for free, but calling anyone else was quite expensive). She called me out into the backyard early on a Saturday morning to discuss her problems, and made me sit while she called Optus and argued with them (she was very rude to the poor representative) and then asked me to change my Optus account to a higher cap plan so she could use our net wirelessly and pay me the difference. I reluctantly agreed to this, and as I was on the phone to Optus they asked me if I needed another modem, and I said no because.. we already had one. K started hissing at me to say yes to another modem. I was confused and asked why, a couple of times, and K got very angry at me and yelled at me "Just get the damn modem!" Both me and the Optus representative were confused but I ordered the second modem. She told me after I was off the phone it was because she "hates Optus" and wanted to get something free out of them. The way K yelled at me upset me - I don't deal well with rude confrontation, plus I was going through a lot of other stress at the time, and this person had used up my entire Saturday morning with her problems by that stage - and I burst into tears when I was off the phone. K asked me if I was seeing a pychologist or something for my "obvious troubles" and said she would email me the details of some psychologist contacts of hers (she claims to be a child psychologist herself).

The next day K emailed me to say that she had changed her mind, and she wanted me to call Optus and change my plan back to the original one, and she would work out something else. So I had to call Optus and change my plan, and beg them not to charge me the $50 downgrade fee (which they didn't, after I explained the situation). K still periodically whinged about not being able to have a home phone, and I told her many times she was welcome to use ours (which we don't use) if she wanted to run a line from our house to hers. She didn't believe we actually had a home phone plan as she had apparently looked up our internet plan online. I also told her numerous times that the home phone was seperate from the net and although I originally got them bundled together for cheaper net, they come on seperate bills. She never responded about running a line through to use our home phone after that, just complained about the "patchy" service she was getting leeching off our net and the fact that her mobile costs were expensive.

Then, she issued me with an eviction notice. She wanted to move into the main house, so she could use the line for internet and phone. This was after the 3 month lease was up, so she was legally able to do this of course but.. really? ugh. If I'd known I would be evicted after 3 months for something so stupid I would never have moved in. So then I started house hunting (difficult, as I am only on a single parent pension and nobody wants to rent to me). I actually was accepted for a new place last week, yay! But K was still sending emails.

Now, I had not seen the recycling bin for a week - I thought it had been stolen, and my recycling was piling up inside the house (I was waiting for the next recycling day so I could put it in other bins). K informed me finally that it was far in the backyard, along with the garbage bin she had moved there, and accused me of putting recycling in the garbage bin. I told her that I thought the recycling bin had been stolen and it wasn't me, my recycling was piling up inside the house. She started whinging on about having to work and not having the time to sort through the bin for recycling. I went to have a look in the bin. There were two plastic bottles in there (not mine) which I moved to the recycling.

I told her I was moving out at the end of next week. She said she wanted to start bringing people through the house next week to inspect it as she was going to have to look for a housemate. I told her I'd prefer if she didn't, as the house will be filled with boxes and mess and screaming children. Then she told me that she wanted me to pay $500 for cleaners, and then she would give my bond back. I told her I couldn't afford that, and she replied that she wanted me to replace all the lightbulbs, clean the inside and outside of the windows (some of the windows are inaccessable from the outside), and a billion other things in a long list. I've never had such a list from any other rental property when I moved out. :-/ She also told me that she was going to use the condition report from when the previous tenants moved out. Today she sent an email saying this (among other annoying things, like asking me to confirm dates for moving out/taking rubbish away etc for the billionth time):

Also I'm keen to get the internet on, I have very patchy access to yours, and have had to change my phone plan to use use my phone for email access. I will ring Optus next week to book a day to move the internet point. If you're happy you can simply use mine if I have the point moved before you leave. In the past with the internet point in the granny flat there is no problem accessing it from the house.

ummmm... no? The Optus account is in my name.. she can't call them and get the line changed, right? I need stable, uninterrupted net access all next week because I have many things to book and organise. I'm just kind of floored by this. All this guilt tripping/passive aggression is so annoying.

What say you? Bad_service, or am I overreacting here? I just can't wait til I'm done with her. -_-

I just got this email from K and I am so infuriated. I am literally fucking almost screaming in rage over this:

Jess i am unable 2 open ur attachment. i find your tone unnecessarily aggressive paranoid & unpleasant. as 4 the points u raised-1 a.The condition report was done at the start of ur tenancy the day u signed ur lease. Eric provided u with a new report which u had 2 wks 2 complete & return but u failed 2 do so & therefore this report stands. B. NSW lease agreements require u 2 leave the propert with working lightbulbs. 2. U r required 2 fullfill the obligations of the lease agreement, which includes cleaning the house & front & rear porches & repairing any damage etc-. Tenancy ends when u return all keys, which normally happens when the agent inspects the house & it is in accordance with cond report. 3. I hv not demandedthat u move the internet but i am organising a move as soon as u leave. I was offering u free internet until u leave. past tenants hv found having the connection point in the flat provided reliable connection throughout the property. As 4 power i will ring agl 2morrow 2 disconnect the power as i am unwilling 2 pay 4 ur gas elect & water. 4. Our original arrangement was 4 3 months so that we cld both c if this arrangement suited us both- review our early emails- I discovered it does not. My discontect began when i smelt marijuana wafting from the house some weeks ago.I recall u had difficulty finding housing because u had poor references & were breaking ur lease agreement in canberra. u will need 2 arrange 2 return the keys 2 me once the house & surrounds r empty
& cleaned. Pls keep in mind that i hv other commitments on the W\E 21-22 so we need to set a time thnx kate

She is basically admitting that she evicted me because she apparently smelled marijuana. I absolutely loathe the stuff. She. Is. Insane! I assume she must have smelled my incense (that I burn every day) or something. Fucking disgusting, ugh.. I don't even know how to reply to this.

update now that I've calmed down: I'm going to my local legal centre first thing tomorrow to get someone to advocate for me. This is getting ridiculous.
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