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My my...Keaton and I run into lots of bad service...

It's Star Wars Episode 3, eh? And Keaton happens to be a big Star Wars fan and wanted me to go with him so I said yes.

Kelly (me): 16 years old, only at the show to keep Keaton company.
Keaton: 16 years old, Big Star Wars fan, orders the Jumbo Diet Coke.
Usher: Accusing asshole.

*Half-way through the show*
Keaton: *Whispers* Hey, Kelly, Will you hold my drink, please? I need to go to the little boy's room.
Me: Sure. *Takes his drink and sips from it*
Keaton: *sneaks out quickly and quietly, comes back two minutes later*
Kelly and Keaton: *Enjoy the rest of the movie*

*After the show*

Usher: Hey! You! *points at Keaton*
Keaton: I, sir?
Usher: Yeah! Go clean up your mess in the bathroom!
Keaton: Erm...what did I do?
Usher: *hands him a mop and pulls him along to the men's room*
Me: *follows them and stands in the doorway*
Usher: *opens up a toilet block and a big stink emits from it.
Keaton: *turns around, covers mouth, gagging*
Me: *runs in and holds Keaton, who is facing the other way from the toilet, coughing*

What was there...was disgusting...looks like someone shit out their intestines. Shit was all over the seat, floor and even some was smeared on the wall. Keaton has a very weak stomach and I got him out of there before he lost his lunch all over the back of my shirt.

Me: *still holding Keaton, who feels sick* He didn't do that!
Usher: I saw him come out of the movie half way!
Me: Yeah, he had to have a quick whizz, not shit out his organs!
Usher: He was the only person to leave Screen 3 during the show.
Me: Did you check to see if people left the Theatres 1 or 2?
Me: I want to see your manager right now.

Keaton and I got a month's worth of free movie passes...but I still feel horrible for Keaton for seeing such a mess. He was really sick that evening cause he couldn't get the pictures out of his head.
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