ljmydayaway (ljmydayaway) wrote in bad_service,

JoAnn's Bad Communication = I'm the c_s?

This might be minor to some people, but I really think her attitude was unneeded, and she could have handled it a lot better.

So I went to JoAnn's near my work a couple weeks ago to return some fabric (and maybe get some new fabric, as I needed a TON for a project that needed to be completed that weekend).

I went up to the counter, waited in line behind a few people, and told the cashier that I needed to return the fabric.

"To return fabric, you have to have it measured. Go to the cutting table and I'll meet you there ." said the customer service rep, Barbara.

There was a line at the cutting table with another worker cutting fabric, so I went there and waited, looking over at the cash counter and seeing Barbara checking out more people. Now, this JoAnn's only ever has about 2 or 3 people working at any given point in time. So the workers do both cash and cutting table, and I have NO PROBLEMS waiting whatsoever.

When Barbara comes over to the cutting table, she is looking directly at me, so I step forward and put my fabric down. The lady behind me snaps that she was in line first, and I say, "Oh, I'm just doing a return?"

Then Barbara snaps at me that I needed to get back in line.

"Uhm, oh, I'm sorry. You told me you'd meet me here, so I thought you meant you'd measure my fabric when you were done at the register." I step back with my fabric and get back in line, letting the other person ahead of me.

Barbara starts measuring out the other person's fabric and snaps at me again, "Just because you have a return doesn't mean you don't have to wait in line! I'm doing DOUBLE duty here and at the register!" The attitude that she had with me was .. I was shocked. It was completely unnecessary for something that was just a misunderstanding.

When it was my turn in line, she measured it, then said, "Okay, here. Now you have to go wait in line at the cash register, you can't just jump the line!"

WTF lady? The only reason I thought you were coming over to specifically do my return is because THAT'S WHAT YOU TOLD ME. I did go a little bit c_s because I said to her, "Yes, I get it." because of her attitude and she just kept repeating that I had to wait in line, but never did I yell at her or mutter or anything that would have kept her going like that. I honestly have no idea what her problem was.

I went to Wal-mart to get my fabric after that, because I'm not giving my money to someone who treats me so rudely. :| I guess I'm going to be getting my fabric from other online retailers from now on, because JoAnn's is pretty much the only place I can get most of the non-basic fabric at around here. This particular JoAnn's customer service has been going to shit for a while. The JoAnn's that is about an hour's drive from here has SO MUCH better customer service, it's like night and day.
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