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Stupid Video Shop.

I just came back from the video shop. There's only one in town - I live in a dinky town.

When I walked in, I was greeted by no one. I wandered a bit, looking for the DVDs, as they seemed slightly in favor of VHS (dinky town). Finally located some, and browsed for about 20 minutes. During which time, the clerks spoke very loudly about a past-due account, naming names and prices, and generally amusing themselves in that fashion.

Finally, I acquire four movies I've been wanting to see, and approach the counter, where I am ignored by the two male clerks. The female clerk looks at me from the other side of their little checkout cubicle and asks if she can help me. I say, yes, I'd like to open a new account.

She starts asking me questions, meanwhile one of the guys is talking loudly on the phone between me and her, and I have to ask her to repeat herself. So she moves closer.

"Do you have a valid Florida driver's license and a credit card (I want to think she said visa but that could be just the image my brain plugged in)?" she asks.

I reply that I only have the driver's license.

"Okay," she says, "then we'll need three valid phone numbers where you can be reached. Home, cell, and work?"

I only have two. Home and cell. I don't work outside my home.

She repeats herself. "We need three valid phone numbers where you can be reached."

I stare for a moment, I think probably my mouth was hanging open. "So, I can't have an account," I said.

"No," she says, shaking her head.

I stare some more, and then look down at my stack of movies. And say, "Do I put these back, or will you?"

"Oh, I will!" she says, all perky.

And then I walk away. Passing by one of the onlooking male clerks, I mutter, "Ridiculous policy!" as I walk out the door.

It's got to be one of those stupid locally-owned pieces of crap that infest this town. I can't find any information online. I considered writing a letter...

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