Bekah (erasethisworld) wrote in bad_service,

Mild bad service

Dear Sales Assistant.

I understand that the sales racks (rectangle shaped) can get a bit messy and that you want to neaten them up - but they aren't particularly big. In fact, only about 6 people could probably look at one time (2 on either side, and 1 on the end) and that would be very squished. So when two of you are stood together organising the same rack very slowly and gossiping? I'm guessing you want to kill time. That's fine too! It's not very busy.

This is what isn't okay though -
You were organizing a set of dresses I wanted to look at. I couldn't fit next to you so I asked politely if I could just have a quick look to see if you had my size. You rudely said 'Uh no. I am ORGANIZING these, does it look like they're free?'. So assuming she didn't want me to buy, I looked around the other side.

It also wasn't acceptable when you told the lady who was looking at the other section of dresses to move so you could organize them.

It takes two sales assistants to organize a rather small rack of items. Sales assistant won't let me look at these items and moves other customer so she can organize those items. Also, apparently sales assistant #1's sister's boyfriend's best friend is 'well skanky innit'.
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