emptyobsidian (emptyobsidian) wrote in bad_service,

Are we just stating it incorrectly?

This is a kind of bad service post with questions. Who knows, maybe I am a bad customer and dont know it :p
(Note-through all of these transactions we remained polite and smiley, saying please and thanks)

My mom and I have similar tastes in that we do not like heavy condiments and such on our sandwiches.
So most of the time we ask for either "easy" or "light" mayo or oil and vinegar or whatever else.
And I would say a good 80% of the time, we get blank stares as if we are speaking some foreign language when we make this request.
For example
This has happened (basically) several times when I order a sandwich from Publix. They make it in front of you.
Me-Hey! Can I get salt and pepper on that...**pauses while they put it on** and then a little bit of oil and vinegar please? **smiles**
Them-**deer in headlights stare** What?
Me-I want some, but just a little squirt
Them-**blank stare**
Me-you know, just put less than what you normally put, but I still want some
Them-**puts on just as much as normal looking flustered**
Ive tried saying just a little bit, less than normal, easy, light, and a variety of other terms to ask for just a little bit of something, but it never seems to work.
Another example-my mom at Burger King
Her-I want a veggie burger, with light mayo
Him-Actually, all the mayo we use is light mayo, the brand etc...
Her-Oh Im sorry! I meant go easy on it-I just want a little bit of mayo, I dont want it soaked in it
Him-**silence** I have no idea what you are talking about.
Him-uhm, ok, that will be X.XX
**gets the burger-its SLATHERED in Mayo**

1. Is there any way we can more clearly ask for what we want, or are these people just being dumbasses?
2. Is it really hard to put less than what you normally put? I mean, watching the people making the sandwiches-they normally do like, 3 big squirts of oil and vingear, soaking the bread. Is it really THAT difficult to just put one squirt?!
3. Do you think our demands are outrageous or incredibly confusing?

I would say that maybe even if we ask nicely, it annoys the employees, but most of the time they just look completely and utterly confused, like we just asked them to compute some complicated physics problems in their heads :p One time, one employee even called someone else over because they claimed to "have no idea what this woman is requesting"
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