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We can't do this, but we'll do it anyway, and then tell you we never did

So I have a few bank accounts floating around that have been set up for me by relatives. Just typical money market type of accounts. These are all with the same small, regional bank.

I e-mailed my bank the other day and asked if I could consolidate all of these into one money market account. Aside from the fact that it would earn more interest that way (if I mathed correctly), it's just simpler to not have scattered accounts. My e-mail was essentially a briefer on how I would prefer they all be together, with a request to the effect of "I would like accounts 1, 2, 3, and 4 to have all their funds dumped into account 5, and then have 1, 2, 3, and 4 closed, so that account 5 was the only one remaining, with all of the funds in it."

I got a reply back that no, this was not possible, because of the way accounts 1-4 were opened (something about how they were opened with my father as the executor because they were created before I was 18). That's okay. No big deal. This isn't a horribly pressing concern to me; just had some free time and thought about it. I'll ask my dad about it later.

Ummmmmmmmmm no. I log into my online view of my accounts and see that accounts 1-4, including the money value that was in them, are totally gone. Not included in my totals, not available to be viewed in any fashion. I e-mail them back asking about this, including a screen shot of what my online account view looks like. Hey, maybe it just takes a couple of days for changes to be reflected online, yeah? Again, no biggie.

Cue them sending back the exact same e-mail as before explaining why I cannot personally empty and close these accounts, this time with the header "please refer back to our previous e-mail." I tried re-wording my question and saying that I totally understand why I cannot close these accounts... but if I can't, where did they go? Yep: exact same e-mail back. "We cannot consolidate and close these accounts for you" -- okay, so where are they then? If you can't close them, why are they gone? My request was basically "can you do A?" they said "nope, we can't do A" and then A has been done, but in a screwed-up way.

Sigh. This is a small bank. I really don't get why it would be that difficult to have someone like actually read my e-mail. It's just a pain in the ass to rearrange my schedule and go into the bank itself during business hours, but I guess that's what I'll have to do. I've switched things around in accounts online here before and it's never been an issue but there are only so many ways I can rephrase WHY ARE MY ACCOUNTS CLOSED AND WHERE IS THE MONEY FROM THEM??!
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