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We've been having trouble with one of our suppliers. Invoices were supposed to be sent to our AP email, which I handle. For a while, everything was fine. About 4 months ago, invoices stopped coming through. Since most of our purchases had been for machine setup equipment, AP assumed that setup was finished.

Two months ago, I get a snippy note attached to an e-mailed statement showing about a dozen past due invoices. I dig through the AP email to make sure I didn't miss anything. Nope, no invoices from them. So, I ask for the missed invoices to be faxed over and any future invoices should be faxed as well, since there was obviously an issue getting emails from them. Missed invoices were faxed, and everything got caught up.

Cut to last Thursday. The I get a past due statement and another snippy note in the AP email. Again, I have NO invoices from them. I call and discover that their AR dept was still e-mailing invoices, despite the request for them to be faxed. At this point, I noted how odd it is that the STATEMENT got to us just fine, but the invoices never managed to get to us. I ame assured, again, that we would be moved off of email billing and that future invoices will be faxed. The missed invoices were to be faxed that afternoon, and would be taken care of ASAP.

The invoices were faxed, but every one of them was messed up. It looked like their printer only printed the top half of each page. I called back and asked for the invoices to be re-faxed. Ie never got them. Called again Monday and were assure that they'd be re-faxed. Still no invoices. I decide to give them a couple of days, as we all have things we need to do that do not involve hounding people for invoices.

This morning, I take a call from our sales rep. We've got an order on hold until we take care of the past due balance, and he needs to know how we'd like to take care of it. *headdesk* I explain the whole fiasco, including the fact that we STILL have not received the invoices. Once we get the invoices, we'll pay them. BUT WE NEED THE INVOICES FIRST. He assures me that he'll get the invoices faxed over ASAP.

THEN, he turns around and e-mails the owner of our company asking for his help in getting this sorted out. The owner forwards me the e-mail to ask what's going on. I explain that this is an ongoing problem we seem to be having with this supplier.

The sales rep then decides that he needs to call our warehouse manager, despite knowing that said manager is out of state for a tradeshow event this week. Manger calls me to see what's going on and I explain to him as well. Manager is well aware of the previous issues we've had with this supplier, as well as problems with the supplier delivering items when promised.

Between Owner and Manager, the decision has been reached that once this is all cleared up, we will not have further dealings with this supplier.

tl;dr: Supplier can't manage to send invoices, but gets snippy and pushy when invoices don't get paid.

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