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Parking services.

So, I'm really not sure how much of this is bad service and how much of it is "someone bent a policy for me in the past but did not tell me this was the case, so I've taken it as the norm."

Background: My car got totaled a couple of months ago, so I've been driving a rental car until the school year ends. For whatever reason, I was able to get a new parking pass for my apartment, but not for on-campus parking (even though my apartment complex is owned by the university), so I've been getting two-week temporary parking passes and just replacing them as they expire. Kind of annoying, but at least I can park.

My usual routine is to go into parking services the last day of the pass, fill out the form, and get a new one; so, for instance, if the pass ends on the 16th, I go in the 16th and get a pass that starts the 17th. This way I don't risk getting a ticket during those few hours the next day that I wouldn't have a pass if I'd waited until it expired.

I've never had a problem with this in the past; I've been working with two different people in the office who know my situation and do their best to make things as simple as possible within the confines of what they're allowed to do. Today I went in and there was an employee I'd never seen before. When I sat down she didn't even acknowledge me for a few seconds, and when she did she still didn't say anything, just looked at me expectantly.

Me: "Hi, I just need to get a new temporary pass for my rental car." (puts the old pass down on the counter)
Her: (stares at the pass for a minute) "Well, you'll have to come back tomorrow. This one's still valid."
Me: "Yes, I know; this is how I've done it in the past so I can avoid having a period of time when I don't have a valid pass. I want to make sure I won't get a ticket."
Her: "Well, you can't do that. You can't have two passes at the same time."
Me: "When I've been in here in the past, they've given me a new pass that doesn't start until the next day, so I don't have two at the same time that are valid."
Her: "Doesn't matter. You can't have two passes at the same time."
Me: "Well, I'm not planning to use the new pass until tomorrow, so..."
Her: "NO. You might lose it."
Me: "But I might get a ticket."
Her: "If you get a ticket we'll cancel it once you get the new pass."
Me: "Well...can I give you this one and you void it out or something, and then give me a new pass that starts today?"
Her: "No. You'll have to come back tomorrow."

She gives me the form to fill out and bring back for the new pass, and then effectively dismisses me. This whole time she's been acting as though I'm wasting her time by asking what I feel are valid questions, not to mention talking down to me. I understand people probably say "I've done this before" all the time, but in my case I really have done it this way before, so either the rules are not what she thinks they are, or they are easier to bend than she thinks they are.

I could understand following policy, but there was no reason to be so snappy about it, or act like I was stupid to ask about all the possibilities before giving up.
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