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Today I went out to purchase a Prepaid Mastercard (like a giftcard but with a Mastercard logo).  After going to 2 separate stores (1st store didn't know how to load the card, and the 2nd didn't have any), I found one at my last stop, Woolworths.  The cashier charged me the $2.95 fee for the card, then attempted to load $17.00.  The card wouldn't accept it.  I never got a clear answer, so I'm not sure why.  The (very polite) cashier got a manager who very quickly said "Sometimes these cards don't work; the computer doesn't connect with the link."  I asked what that meant, and instead of explaining, she said in a very snooty voice "Here, I'll try it again."  She tries again, and it doesn't work.  Sigh.

She continues to tell me the link is down.  I was having a very hard time understanding her, which is not all her fault.  I'm an American living in Australia for a bit, and my ears are stupid when it comes to understanding people here.  She had a mix of a Japanese/Australian accent, and it took me a little bit to process what she said before I could understand it.  I apologized and asked her again what I can do, she sighed and glared at me.  The way she looked at me/talked to me made me feel so stupid for not understanding.

I asked her if I could get a refund for the $2.95 so I can go somewhere else.  She said "No all the computers are down, the link is down, no cards can work anywhere you go."  I took this to mean the system that allows the cards to be loaded wasn't working; that it's not the store's fault, it's the fault of the card company.  This sucks for me because the only Prepaid Mastercard that can be purchased in-store (that I can find) is this card.  And I wanted it today.  She told me that I can try again later today, or I can try on Monday.  She told me to bring the card back, and handed me the card and $17.00.  I asked for a receipt, she handed it over, and walked away with no apology, or another word to me. 

By this time I was seething with anger at the way she treated me.  Like my little 2.95 wasn't a big deal.  I'm on a strict budget, and I only had 20.00 for extras.  I wanted to buy something online (a gamecard for Wow) that I could use tomorrow.  Even if I found another card I could use, I only had 17.00.  I needed that 2.95 to buy another.  My husband and I had to run out to catch the bus, so I didn't have time to talk to another manager. 

On the way home, I calmed down and we even laughed at the situation (my husband is great at making me feel better).  He decided he would call the store manager from home, explain the situation, and make sure we could get a refund or a working card on Monday.  He called, asked for the manager and a male came to the phone.  Hubby politely explained what happened.  He seemed to know what was going on (like the prior female manager had told him).  He quickly said "Yeah yeah come in Monday and if the card doesn't work, we will refund you."  My husband asked for his name in case we needed it on Monday.  The manager refused to give his name.  My husband asked again, may I please have your name?  He refused again and hung up.

At that point I happened to check the recipet the female manager gave me.  I realized that all it showed was at attempted deposit on a card, and a refund of the 17.00.  It doesn't show the 2.95 I paid.  I'm concerned that when we go there on Monday (closed for Easter Sunday), we won't get a refund because we don't have the correct reciept.  I know it's only 2.95 but like I said before, I'm on a budget.  And I'm more upset that these two managers treated us like they did, rather than the fact that the card didn't work.  I emailed corporate just to let them know how their employees behaved, and hopefully on Monday this will be resolved.
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