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way to accuse a loyal customer....

note: this happened to my best friend (B) and her fiance (A), not me. B has been going to the local comic/trading card game/eclectic toy shop for almost 15 years.

During December of 2008, they went to the shop and A pointed out about $50 worth of comics he wanted as Christmas gifts. B put them on hold with $15 as a layaway payment, then returned the next week to pay off the rest and take the comics home.

Fast forward to now:
We went in today to take a look around. The owner walks up to me and A and says "You know, I'd like to get paid sometime before I die!"

I thought maybe I ordered a comic a long time ago that I forgot to pick up. He thrust a binder in my face and told me I took said items home and never paid for them! I was appalled! I have NEVER left a store with something I haven't paid for.

A and I tried to recall the exact details of a purchase 3 years old while at the same time trying to verbally defend ourselves. He was so rude about the whole thing. When A said "It must be a mistake somewhere" his response was, "Well, that's BE's (BE is one of the longtime employees) handwriting. BE? Is that your handwriting? Yes? BE doesn't make mistakes."

A paid them a second time as a show of good faith. We had to call the bank and have to pay them for statements because they don't keep statement records that far back!

i ran into B and A yesterday and got an update. A says the store found the record that showed they paid and that the second "good faith" payment was returned by BE, who had done said search for the missing invoice. but the owner couldn't bother to be present to apologize in person for the way he treated B....which apparently he said he would be if he was proven wrong.

with that guy's attitude, i'm surprised his store hasn't lost more business. but they've lost B and A...and i don't blame them.
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