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BAAAAD Service at my dad's work

So back in Febuary, my grandma fell and broke her hip and within a few weeks she was transferred back to her retirement home in which she was moved to very monitored assisted living sharing a room with another senior.

My father worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI since 1992 and has worked in his last department as a Senior Analyst since 1995 up until March of this year. My father was trying to get some information for my grandma regarding insurance and what not and since he worked for BCBSM my grandma had really good insurance. This is where the suck begins.

My father calls customer service down in Detroit to get some info he needed. The woman at the CS refused to give my dad any information. Why you might ask? Cause he worked for the same company. My dad kept trying to explain to the woman this had nothing to with him being an employee but rather he was trying to get information regarding his mother on her behalf considering she is 94. My dad was really POed at this point but was polite and didn't raise his voice in assumption his call was being monitored (if you're wondering why he didn't ask to speak to a supervisor I asked him the same thing and he said he didn't know why either). This CS woman keeps giving my dad the run around and refuses to give him info and claims he is trying to access info that he does not have access to (in fact my father had a written consent to access my grandma's insurance info since 2003 when she could still write and it did have her signature on it). My dad told me the woman starts yelling "I'm going to report you!" to my father and he eventually gave up and ended the call.

Forward to the end of March.

I can't remember which day it was (I want to say the 24th), but my dad is at work and the CS woman who said she'd report my dad really did report him and some major shit goes down. My dad is forced to give up his badge, go home and be suspended without pay because of an investigation, all because this woman decided to report my father for this crap. My dad is very upset at this point and he kept calling every few days for info on when he would hopefully return to work/see how the investigation is going.

A week and a half goes by (this is the 30th/31st) and still nothing after sending out emails to all the important people and no one responds, no one. He continues to try to call work and still nothing is told when he'd return to work if he even would.[/end suck]

Well what happened afterwards, all I can say it was down right the worst day of my life. It's April 2nd and a knock on my door at 6:15 in the morning prompts me to go down and answer it. A policeman asks "Is your father _______ _____?" I say yes and he tells me he was in an accident. I'm really worried at this point but thought he may have just got into a car accident where he broke something, but sadly this was not the case.

After I am dropped off at the hospital I am greeted by my sister, mother, my brother-in-law, my sister's mother-in-law, and her boyfriend to my sister telling me my father has died. Of course at this point I'm crying and devastated and wondering what happened. My sister tells me my mother (who had foot surgery and was in a cast and sleeping on the couch as of late because of this) woke up at about 5 in the morning to seeing a light was on in my parent's bedroom. My father had fallen off the bed and my mother said he wasn't breathing. My mother called my sister first and my sister told her to call 9/11 and my sister and brother-in-law were coming over to my parent's house ASAP (at this point they tried to call me but I was sleeping at my boyfriend's house and my phone was on silent which I still feel absolutely guilty about). EMS tried to resesitate him but they said his heart stopped and was declared dead.

To this day his death is still pending and all we know is that his heart stopped. It could take up to another 6 weeks for us to know what caused his death but...we think he was extremely stressed out because of work, his mother dying (my father was told the day before he died she was being put into hospice), and my mother being in a cast and my father having to do everything for her. We believe he may have accidently drank alcohol and took some pills without thinking to calm himself down. My mother last saw him alive around 12AM when he had a midnight snack and she said he was fine at this point and actually seemed happy the few days before he passed. His pending death certificate just says accident so again, we don't know what caused it completely but we know it wasn't suicide.

My mom and one of my dad's brothers wants to sue BCBSM for at least giving us the pay he missed for a week and a half of work, but of course they said no even though when he died he was still an employee and wasn't fired(they still might sue them anyways, I don't know the details). We doubt we'll sue them for his death considering if he did die by drinking and taking pills it was his own doing and it would likely fail in court but if I could sue them...I would. I honestly think that bitch who reported my dad caused my father to accidently kill himself considering he wasn't sick and was fine the day before he died.

All I gotta say, worst bad_service ever.

TL;DR: My father tries to get insurance info for my dying grandma and because he worked at the same company he was trying to get the info from, dumb CS woman says he can't get it and that she's going to report him. Dumb CS woman reports him and my dad is suspended without pay for a week and a half without being told anything.

EDIT: Thank you to everyone for your kind words regarding my loss. Unfournately, my grandma just also passed away on April 23rd (we did not tell my grandma about my father, she was too out of it to comprehend it anyways). I'm still in shock about my father but losing my grandma as well just plain sucks. I will be sure to update everyone on if anything happens regarding BCBSM and his cause of death if anyone is interested. You are all so wonderful and I'm glad we are all apart of something (even if it's crappy service!). <3
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