feels like tragedy's at hand (madelineusher) wrote in bad_service,
feels like tragedy's at hand

Glasses Suckery

So, my glasses broke roughly four weeks ago. I called my insurance and found that I was covered for an exam and a new pair of glasses, and they gave me a local place to go to. I made my way there, had a very pleasant exam, chose a nice pair of frames (that they didn't have actively in the room, but that they said they could order - this becomes important), and then asked how long it would be until my new pair came in.

"Oh, seven to ten days," they replied. "We'll call you when they come in."

I thought this was a bit long, but I decided to roll with it - electrical tape was holding my poor frames together well enough. So I waited.

And waited.

Eleven days later, I have no call from them. So I call them and nervously ask if they have any idea where my glasses should be. They say that they're having some trouble getting the frames from New York, but it should be in by Tuesday of next week. I'm a little upset, but I agree that that's okay and go back to waiting with my poor Harry Potter glasses.

Guess what? Tuesday passes with no call, and so I call in on Wednesday. Once again, some mysterious delay is involved and they give me a new time that the glasses will for sure be in by.

Repeat this a few more times. Every time, the deadline passes by with no call or notification from them, I call in, and they have no reply.

It is now over three weeks since I ordered my glasses. I'm okay with small delays, but this, honestly, is more than I can accept. I just want my glasses!

It's meant to be today that they call me and let me know my glasses are in - but so far, no call. I don't know what to do if they delay again, honestly.

And really, how hard is it to call someone and say "Hey, your glasses are taking a little longer than expected?"

eta;; Thank you all so much for the suggestions! I'm calling after class and if their reply is anything other than "your glasses are in right now" I'm demanding a refund and going to 39 Dollar Glasses. Speaking of which - anyone have any particular frame recommendations? I have a sort of oval-y face, hahaha. :D
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