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ok, so... i rarely eat at mcdonald's because their food is always way too greasy for me. recently, i started working at one (hey, it's a paycheck!) which gave me even less incentive to eat there.

BUT... i hadn't eaten all day and when i got off work at 11pm, there weren't any fast food places open on the way home except a mcdonald's. so, i pulled in and went to the drive thru and attempted to order something from the dollar menu to eat on my 45 minute drive home.

now that i've worked drive thru, i find myself being a lot more tolerant and trying to make my order clearer because i've experienced the suck first hand.

the cast:
me: rawrrr
him: stupid guy about a year or two younger than me. (i'm eighteen.)

me: i'd like a double cheeseburger with extra pickles and i'd like to add mayo and tomatoes, please.
him: *after a long pause* what?
me: *enunciating carefully* a double cheeseburger with extra pickles and i'd like to add mayo and tomatoes please.
him: *after another long pause* ok, so that's two double cheeseburgers?
me: no. that's ONE double cheeseburger with extra pickles, add mayo and tomatoes.
him: *longer pause* so that's a double cheeseburger and a medium fry?
me: *thinking 'wtf?!'* NO!! that's ONE double cheeseburger. EXTRA pickles, ADD mayo and tomatoes. please.
him: *shorter pause* why don't you just order the big N tasty?

ok, everything up to that i would have taken and just brushed off. whatever, the speakers suck or he's having a bad night. i'm not usually one to spaz about little things. but wtf? and he said it with such a fucking attitude too. i know drive thru isn't the easiest thing in the world but c'mon, i'd just done it for the last 8 hours and if i can manage it then a brain damaged chimp probably could too. but basically demanding that a customer change their order? yes, i KNOW that a big N tasty has all of that, PLUS lettuce but a) i only had 2 dollars on me and b) that isn't what i ordered.

me: because that's not what i WANT. just ring up what i actually ORDERED and stop trying to be a fucking smart ass. or maybe you didn't hear me the first five times you DIDN'T get it right.
him: whatever.

so i pulled around... and gave him a death glare. his response was to tell me that i shouldn't be such a bitch about it and that blah blah blah i didn't know how hardddddddddd it was to work drive thru and blah blah blah at which point, i cut him off and held up my little mcdonald's visor, and told him that actually, i did, because i'd just done exactly that for the last eight hours and if i could do it then anyone could and politely informed him to stop bitching or find a new job.

that seemed to shut him up. :)
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