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I’m not even sure if this perplexing situation of mine belongs under bad_service. I mean, it’s more like bad_university_trying_to_rip_you_off_because_they_are_badly_oragnized.
Anyways, sorry if this is irrelevant, I will delete it if someone points it out. All introductions aside …

I go to a very well known, ‘prestigious’ university in Canada. I admit, I am a bit fuzzy on some of our policies and ‘rules’, although I think I have a pretty good understanding so far.

Due to some issues last semester (September-December), I ended up dropping a lot of courses (down to just one course; 0.5 credits) and did very poorly in the one I had left (C). Since I dropped a lot of my courses, I went below a 60% course load and on top of that, my average was below what it needed to be (this basically meant no more OSAP, aka no more school next year). This semester I’m only taking 3 courses (1.5 FCE). This doesn’t even qualify me as a full-time student. However, since last semester I didn’t drop my courses before the deadline to be considered part-time, I paid full-time fees.

This semester, I was nowhere near even signing up for a full time program, so I should have been officially considered a part-time student since February.
After I figured out my tuition payments and stalled for a few months, I finally decided to pay back what I owed for this year (around $900). I check my student accounts and it says $115. Now, I freak out because well, shit… where did $800 go? I run to my registrar who tells me she can’t see anything here, no supposed $900, and that I only have $100 owing. I ask her if this could be a system error and she says no. At this point, I’m kind of happy and my day has been made. So I go to my bank and pay off my tuition.

Fast forward to yesterday, I’m checking classes for summer registration. I had three (which totalled around $700) and was about to sign up for the fourth one. So I check my financial account to see how much taking a full course load in the summer would empty my pockets out. And Lo and Behold … my tuition is $3000 .. WHAT?!

Apparently, there WAS a system error… the program shifted me to a part time student (which I was) which meant I only had to pay part-time incidental fees (which I paid). So let me get this straight University… you had a system ‘error’, that switched me to ‘part time’, which I have been since this semester began (officially), and you had to go, and manually switch me back to ‘full time’, which I haven’t been since I started this year and have officially not been since this semester. Now you want me to pull $800 out of my poor-starving-university-student-ass when I already took the necessary persuasions and budgeted around what the university itself told me.

I have no idea what to do now. I called student accounts and the woman didn’t tell me anything new. She constantly kept repeating what occurred (thank you VERY MUCH, I get that you had a SYSTEM error, but that’s not what I'm talking about here). She even stopped me mid-conversation, put me on hold, came back and told me to continue; I was mid-word and not even yelling but she had the audacity to sound like she was so annoyed with me she needed to get off the phone. Her last words were “you HAVE to pay this fee” before I got sick of her trying to explain what I already understood and politely ended the conversation.

Anyone have suggestions on what I could do? :(

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