drachenfach (drachenfach) wrote in bad_service,

I got you first so you can't get me back

A common expression in the playground, but in an insurance office?

My car insurance is up for renewal imminently, so I popped into my current provider's office to see if I could get 'third party any vehicle' (TPAV) on my next policy, as I'd been told I couldn;t have it last year. The conversation went basically like this:

Me: wants to drive all the things
Husband: wants someone else to share the driving
Salesman: wants to drive his company out of business

Salesman: Soooo, TPAV. We-ell, that's a bit dangerous really, I mean, you have to have an insurance policy on a car to drive it, you can't just drive any old car.

Me: (stood in doorway) Yeah, I know, I just want to...

Salesman: (sat at desk some distance away) So who's car do you want to drive then?

Me: My husband's M...

Salesman: Oh no, you need to be a named driver on your partner's insurance for that. It's cheaper that way anyway.

Husband: We checked with my insurance and it was an extra...

Salesman: (printing something off) Well it says here you already have TPAV on your current policy (thus totally contradicting his last statement)

Me: (realising she has missed out on the chance to drive various exciting things in he last year) That's rather disappointing then, because i was told I didn't...

Salesman: Says it right here.

Me: You know, i'd really like to actually finish a senten...

Salesman: (frowning mightily) What is your problem?

Me: I really don't like being interrupted when I'm trying to...

Salesman: (louder) What IS your problem?

Me: (turns to husband) I think we'll leave this for now

Salesman: Yeah, you do that, you should probably leave.

Me: I don't think I'll be renewing this policy (at over £500)

Salesman: Whatever, don't then.

So far, so WTF. I was exceptionally pissed off at being spoken to like that, and decided to complain to their customer services when I got home. Which I did. The rather flat lady on the phone listened in silence to the whole tale, then at the end told me that she already had a note on my file saying that staff 'did not like the way I spoke to them or my aggressive attitude'.

There was no apology for bad service, no information on how the complaint would be followed up, it just seemed as though the fact that the worker had noted my file meant anything I said was invalid.

I told her I was very unhappy with the service I'd received, that I wanted to be informed of how the complaint was followed up, and I expected to receive an apology. She then said she was 'sorry if you feel you have received bad service', (beautiful example of a weasel apology) and that I would receive a letter early the following week.

Meanwhile, the search for a new insurance provider has begun!
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