Andrea (allywonderland) wrote in bad_service,

Car buying!

Now that I'm a couple weeks out from the craziness I can actually post about this.

My car slipped a transmission belt and our time frame for buying a van was moved up from early 2012 to OMG.RIGHT.NAO!

When I call and say "Hi, I'm looking for 2006 or 2007 Dodge Grand Caravans or Chrysler Town and Countries" and the sales man says "Oh yeah, I have two" I tend to believe them. When I then get in my nearly falling apart car and drive to the lot at 30 mph and unload my two kids from their car seats only to find out that they have a 2002 Kia Sedona or 4 2010 Dodge Grand Caravans? Yeah, it makes me want to punch things.

This happened at nearly every dealership. I would call asking about the specific style of van we were looking for, I would get told they had it and then show up and there would be nothing like that on the lot. Two places told me they had 06 Town and Countries and when I got there they had no vans at all and wanted to show me SUVs.

When I ask if the vehicle has been smoked in, don't say no if you know it has. I am ridiculously sensitive to cigarette smoke, and yes, even if the car has been detailed I can still smell it. One of the vans I was shown still had a full ashtray in it!

When I am specifically looking for a Grand Caravan or Town and Country I don't want to see XYZ van that is not either of those two vans. Yes, I'm sure the Mercury Montana is a great van but it is not the van I want. (I specifically wanted those vans for the stow and go seating).

When I say my budget is $xx,xxx that is actually my budget. I don't want my monthly payment to be the same, you cannot upsale me to a 2010 model and finance it over 8 years and keep the payment the same as if I spent half as much. I actually HAVE a budget and have made that ridiculously clear. Please stop wasting my time showing me 2010 and 2011 models.

The worst experience though was two weeks ago. We found a van that fit our requirements, but was $2,000 over our budget. My uncle works with the dealership that it was at and had called the sales manager and was basically told not to worry about it they would take care of us, since my uncle would be able to make it up to the dealership on another trade at some point in the future.

We tell the sales guy that we're interested in the van, there were a couple of things that needed fixed that we felt they should do and he says they will. Then he takes our information and disappears. He comes out occasionally for the next hour. We didn't realize how long this was actually taking at the time. We have no idea what's going on, we ASSUME (yes part of this was our fault for not clarifying what was going on) that he's working with the service department to make sure the things that need fixed can get fixed.

My uncle has arrived at this point, since we figured we were getting close to the negotiation point and to help with our kids (yes I know, I'm a terrible person for taking my children car shopping but we could not find a baby sitter). The sales guy comes out and tells us to come up to the office and tries to send my uncle to test drive this truck they just got in. We get up to the office and the sales manager starts asking us to sign stuff. I ask what we're signing and he looks at me like I am the stupidest person on the planet and says "This is the title, it transfers ownership from us to you." And I say "okay but I have no idea what we're paying for this since we have not discussed price." Sales manager sends us back to sales guy who says "What wasn't clear about this?" And we both say "Well we never discussed the price" and we tell him what our budget is, again, and he says "Oh well we just can't do that." Why the heck didn't he tell us that he couldn't do that HOURS AGO when we told him the budget while test driving the van?!

That dealership has called my uncle three times since seeing if they can get us back in. We actually found a van last Tuesday and bought that. They called him Thursday and said "okay I think we can do that deal." Too bad buckos! I'm actually really glad we found the van we bought so we didn't have to go back and give our business to them after that trick.

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