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Gly or Glip?

 Recently I went to my doctor for my general 3 month check up on my diabetes (I have type 2, 4th generation) and refill of prescriptions. Most of the time it's the same nurse that takes me back to have me weighed, check blood pressure, etc. This time it was a new nurse, I'm assuming transferred from another location.

We went through the normal processes and when it came to my perscriptions she said 'Are you still taking Glyburide twice a day?' and I said 'No, it's Glipizide' and she looks at my chart again and says 'Glyburide 10mg twice a day?' at this point I was confused and didn't want to be rude, I assumed with all mediciations she was pronoucing it wrong so I said 'Yes, Glipizide.' From then the appointment went smoothly, got refills sent for all my mediciations, lab work, and then left to go find lunch and head to Wal-Mart to pick them up.

At Wal-mart my prescriptions were cheaper and I got like a 4 month supply..which was weird but I thought maybe since they referred me to a new drug program that it was normal. I dropped my boyfriend off at his job so he can grab his paycheck and while I'm sitting in the car I decide to take 2 Glipizide before I eat. Open the bottle and in there is this small weird looking pill, I was going to take it but I stopped and pulled out all my prescriptions to see that it is in fact, Glyburide. At this rate I thought maybe the doctor wanted me to take this instead, but for safety I decided to call the doctor's office.

After being hung up on and put on hold forever, I got with the nurse that I spoke with it and she was panicked 'Did you take any? Do you feel lightheaded? Are there any pains anywhere in your body? Are you near a hospital were you can be seen in the ER?' and I'm like O_O?

Apparently Glyburide will react with the heart pill + water pill I take for my hypertension. I was livid, I told the nurse that I've taken Glipizide for 3 years..I have never, not once been prescribed Glyburide. Her response? 'Well this is why I go over things with you so we can get you on the right medications and you told me that's what you were on' Pissed, I argue with her and ask her if she can just send the right things to wal-mart so I can get them filled. She then tells me that Wal-mart will not take it back and I will have to take the money I paid for it and the pills as a loss, even more angry now. 

So I decide to go eat because I'm upset that not only was she a bitch but nearly gave me a damn heart attack, and I have to repay for my perscriptions. Going back to wal-mart after lunch, the clerks know nothing about my perscription and I have to wait an hour while they call the doctors office only to find the same nurse never sent it over. By the end of the day I had the right stuff, money refunded and Wal-mart took back the Glyburide. This may have been partically my fault too, but as a medical professional you think that she wouldn't come up with a percription I've never, ever been perscribed? And one that wouldn't potentially kill me?
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