Faithless the Wonderboy (kid_a_85) wrote in bad_service,
Faithless the Wonderboy


So, I'm having a bit of a bad service here, and I'm not sure what I should do next.

I recently (April 1st) moved out of my apartment into a new place with my girlfriend. I canceled my Comcast internet subscription and she got an internet subscription in her name for our new place. There was a $50.00 extra charge (due April 18th) on my Comcast account for the internet modem they had given me. I got in contact with Comcast and they sent a tech over to pick up the modem on April 8th. Something was a bit odd, the tech was on her cell phone talking to her friend the entire time, and she only said two words to me and gave me a receipt. I didn't think much of it, it's probably a boring job and what not, but I gave her the modem and thought all was well.

April 13th, five days after I turned in the modem to the Comcast technician, the $50 charge is still on my account. I call Comcast to make sure that the charge is being taken off my account. They say they have no report that they ever received my modem. I read the entire receipt to the customer service rep, especially the modem serial number and the confirmation number on the receipt. The customer rep seemed to believe me since I had all of that information and he told me he would open up a case for it, and that I should be contacted in 2 days.

April 15th rolled around and no phone call, so I called Comcast. They seemed to have no idea what I was talking about, only telling me they'd "look into it" and that I should pay the 50 dollars in the meantime. I have no intention of paying the 50 dollars because I turned in the modem already and they're the ones who can't seem to find it. The money is due tomorrow. I do not have a lot of time tomorrow to call and repeat the story yet again, but it looks like it is what I am going to have to do. Any suggestions?
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