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A series of annoyances

I found out last week that phone upgrade time is finally upon me! I've done some research and decided on a myTouch since I really like that Genius button. Turns out that the myTouch 4G and myTouch 3G Slide are $200 and $150 respectively but the myTouch 3G is free. Right up my alley! It doesn't come with the Genius button but I found an app that will do basically the same thing for free so yay for that.

Now for annoyance #1: I finally found some free time yesterday to go to a store and upgrade. I decided to check the site before I leave and, what do you know, the myTouch 4G is available for free! For new customers and add-a-lines only. Oh. Way to burst my bubble there T-mobile. It's not bad service and I know the reasoning for offering the fancy shmancy phones to new customers but it still sucks to feel like I'm being penalized for staying loyal.

Annoyance #2:I head off to the store to test the functionality and hopefully buy the phone. The associate there is super helpful but unfortunately they don't have the 3G in the store. Out of the 8 free phones they have available on the site, they only have 2 in the store. She tells they really only carry the newer phones, which is totally understandable but kind of sucks for customers who don't want to pay a lot to upgrade. She suggests trying other stores since theirs in a fairly new one and doesn't have much back stock anyway.

Annoyance #3: I check the site today to find other locations and decide to put the phone in my cart just in case. However, my cart shows a $5.99 shipping charge but the home page clearly states "FREE SHIPPING on all phones and devices". I search the forums about this and apparently it's been an issue since 2009. So I call customer care and tell them about it and the guy suggests that maybe it's for new contracts only. I tell him no, there are no stipulations, no asterisks, it's not a clickable link, it just says in big pink letters that shipping is free. He eventually concedes and tells me he'll credit my account $5.99 if I order the phone but I think it's a little shady that this has been a problem for at least 2 years and it appears there's been no effort to change it.

Annoyance #4: I go to the closest T-mobile store to see if they have the phone. They close at 9, I get there at 7:53 and the entire place is dark. Well that's great. My next stop on the list is a mall kiosk and they don't have the phone either. After that, it's RadioShack - no phone. Target - no phone. Walmart - no phone. Alright, I guess no place physically carries this phone then.

Annoyance #5: I get back home and try to see if customer service has a way of telling if any stores have the phone. The wait on the phone is ridiculous so I do the online chat. The person is helpful enough but keeps asking me if I want her to look up the pricing. I'm not sure if this was her way of upselling but the question was right in front of her and it had nothing to do with pricing. Finally, she tells me that they have no way of determining store inventory but I could always order the phone and try it out then return. That's feasible and all but it's really more than I want to go through just to see if I like it.

Annoyance #6: I decide to send T-mobile an e-mail about the whole situation. If you're going to have a phone for sale, a customer should be able to see it, even if it's one of the dummies instead of a functioning one. I hate that they're obviously not putting the effort forth because they won't be making any money off the phone. So anyway, I go to their contact us page and find out that there's no actual way to e-mail them. You can call, do the online chat or mail them a letter (really now?) but there's no email address whatsoever.

Individually, none of these are all that bad, but added up, it's pretty obvious that T-mobile doesn't care about you if you're not willing to shell out large amounts of money for a shiny new phone

ETA: I went to a different mall kiosk today and they actually had the phone in stock! The manager there had just been in a Philly store and saw they were still there so he took them to his location to see if he could sell them. They let me play around with it a little and he even suggested some similar phones for me. I'm super glad I decided to try it in person because I absolutely did not like it at all and went with the Motorola Cliq XT instead. I ended up walking away paying nothing while the myTouch would have been $50 up front and then a $50 rebate.
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