Atropos (atropos_lee) wrote in bad_service,

Oh dear - I rather liked this pub...

-it commemorates a famous young doctor who acted on a hunch and saved millions of lives...

But last night it entered the annals of world class bad service, publically humiliating a young couple on their first date when one of them had the gall to kiss the other.... because they happened to be of the same sex.

Any one who is familiar with this area of London will understand the totally WTF-ery in a Soho pub manager alienating the gay community - they certainly won't be bothered by gay customers in the future, or indeed, by any customers at all....

ETA: The Guardian, the UK national newspaper which first reported the story, is running a live-news-rolling-blog- through the day to log public reactions and protests.

ETA the second:  The pub has apparently barred its doors to prevent tonight's snog-in protest.
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