Martin (goldfinger_z) wrote in bad_service,

I watched this community for a while and I got insprired to join today by my experence at Carl's Jr. (Hardee's to those not on the West Coast). I wrote about my experince and I wanted to send them this:

I went to the drive-thru today and I had the worst service in my life. I ordered an Extra Value meal and did not get fries and I also ordered taquitos and got tacos instead. I waited 25 (twenty-five) minutes for my food and there was no line at all, anywhere. I checked the bag in the parking lot, noticed the mistakes and went back in to get the fries and taquitos that I ordered and the ladies behind the counter laughed then an insult I would rather not share in Spanish. In addition, I recieved the coldest, most undercooked fries I have ever had and the taquitos cost a dollar less and I didn't get a refund or anything. This far beyond the worst service I have ever had anywhere and I will never eat at Carl's Jr. again. When I worked in the food service I would have been fired if I acted in the manner I was treated.

Now I was going to email it to them but their submission page only holds 200 letters and this is over 800. Anyway what should I do? Write a letter to the manager? The place has had bad service for 2 years. Write the Corp. Office? Thanks for your help.
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