author_by_night (author_by_night) wrote in bad_service,

Don't worry, talking at the top of your lungs isn't disruptive at all when I'm working on a paper :)

I realize that computer labs are not libraries. However, is it really too much to ask that it's a little quiet?

Half the time I'm in there, I can barely hear myself think. There have been times when the area has sounded more like a cafeteria. I get it, people see their friends, forget where they are, have no idea how loud they're being, or maybe they're just obnoxious. That's not the bad service.

The bad service is the fact that even though I have actually complained a few times, nothing has been done. I think part of the problem is that all of the lab attendants are students, so they're hesitant to tell their classmates to stop talking/watching youtube videos/etc. I understand why that's awkward, but awkward /=/ impossible. And honestly, if you're not comfortable enforcing policies, don't get a job where you might have to.

The other issue is, some of them are part of the problem. The attendants will just stand there talking and laughing loudly, even though I assume they have other things to do besides watch us come and go. Beyond that, the lab rules make it clear it's supposed to be quiet, and they're breaking them. I told two of them to please be quiet once, but they just said "oh we're sorry" and after five minutes started the loud chatter again.

Maybe it's just me, and I'm misunderstanding the purpose of the lab. I do understand, again, that it's not a library and people are going to talk. I get that. But is it too much to ask that it's not loud?
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