NIKI JANE. (nikiness) wrote in bad_service,

chili's fail.

I just remembered this... experience... tonight when a friend suggested we go to Chili's for dinner & I had to share it. It was the worst experience at a restaurant that I had ever had.

The last time I went to Chili's was around last August when the hubby & I along with another couple decided to go to Chili's for dinner on our way back home from a day trip out of state. It was around nine o'clock at night & they close at 11pm. We went in & we were pleasantly surprised to notice that the restaurant wasn't very busy. There were a handful of other diners & we were seated immediately & told that our server would be with us in a just a moment to start our drink orders.

Awesome! I'm used to having to wait around for a table on a Friday night. Unfortunately, that's where it started going downhill.

We waited around for about twenty minutes & our server never came over to our table. Finally, our friend flagged down a passing server & asked if anyone was even assigned to our section. (We were the only ones seated in that particular section of the restaurant & so we thought maybe we had accidentally been seated in an area no one was serving or something.) The poor girl got super flustered, it was like she didn't even know where she was or what she was doing. She told us she would take our drink orders & so we gave them to her & she walked off. Fifteen minutes passed & we still hadn't seen our server or the girl with our drinks so my husband flagged down another passing server & asked if our server would be over soon. She had no idea who our server was, she said, but she offered to take our food orders, she said & check on our drinks.

Another ten minutes passed & our server finally showed up for the first time & brought us our drinks. At this point, we asked to see a manager & explained that we were not happy with the service we had had thus far & we would like to cancel our food order & leave. He seemed friendly, though not very apologetic & assured us that if we stayed he would make sure the situation was taken care of.

Big mistake. Not only did things not get taken care of but it seemed like everything got worse.

Almost an hour later, our food finally showed up. The server brought out everyone's food but my husbands. He told us he would be "right back" with hubby's dinner. Because we were all starving by this point, hubby told us all to start our dinners without him. It was obvious from the first bite that our dinners had been sitting out for a while. My fajitas, which are supposed to come to the table sizzling, were lukewarm. The chicken strips on our companions salad were ice cold like it had been sitting in the refrigerator after being cooked. We finally had to GO LOOKING for our server who had forgotten all about my husband's food. He apologized, but by this time we had all already finished our meals and my husband ended up taking his home in a to-go box.

We were all starting to get pretty annoyed & frustrated & we just wanted to go home. We had to hunt down our server again to ask for the bill. When he finally came back to process the payment, we asked for a manager again. When the manager showed up, it was pretty obvious he was in a nasty mood. While I was explaining the situation to him & why we were so unhappy, he actually rolled his eyes at the server, who was standing next to him.

He kept asking us "Well, what do you want me to do?" like this kind of thing happened all the time & it shouldn't be a big deal. Finally, he took 50% off of our bill & snapped "Will that make you guys happy?" It was pretty obvious he wasn't comping our bill because he felt bad about the horrible service but because he wanted us to shut up & get out.

What should have been a nice, forty-five minute dinner turned into a two hour long nightmare. When we left I swore I would never go back & I still haven't.
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