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Stomping Grounds Playland-Sugar Land, Texas-Groupon

This is predominately a bad_policy post, but there's a bit of bad_service in there as well.

My cousin came down to Sugar Land from Fort Worth to visit for a couple of days, and I had purchased a Groupon to Stomping Grounds for her and her son to use while they were here. This Groupon included an entrance for one child, and one child's lunch. Stomping Grounds is a indoor playground type place, with a cafe/lunch thing inside as well. I had never been there, having no children of my own and no reason to go. Anyway, we showed up about 11am, signed in, gave them our Groupon and all of that. They took the Groupon on entrance, and we had no proof otherwise that we were Groupon customers.
About an hour later, after B-child running around and having a lovely time, we decided it was lunch time. I go up and order my sandwich and drink, the total is 9 dollars and change. Fine. Cousin goes up to order her sandwich and child's lunch, I inform guy at register that we are Groupon customers and child's lunch should be included, and the total is 13 and change. Cousin pays before I work up the words to ask why hers is so much more when she ordered a cheaper sandwich and child's lunch is included. The thing that really got me is that register guy said that child's should be a full meal with the Groupon. I ask register-guy why hers is so much more than mine, and he realizes that he charged her for the kid's meal, instead of using the Groupon deal. Well, bother. I ask about refunding the charge. He says that he can't but he'll get his manager. Manager is called. Manager states that *she* can't do refunds. WHAT? What kind of manager can't do refunds? She offers the coupon thing that we should have received when we checked in, for a free kid's meal.
This is not acceptable, as cousin and kid are from out of town, and I have no kids of my own, and no friends with kids old enough to use the Stomping Ground's facilities. I ask about getting a coffee or something for free, as cousin and I had both planned to order a coffee after lunch. Nope, she can't do that either. (This I do not believe. I've worked food service/retail, cousin has worked retail, this is just illogical.) It turns out that only the general manager can do refunds, and the GM is in meetings all day, and the manager (asst manager? shift manager?) does not know when she will return. All she can offer us at this point is the free lunch coupon (which we are informed expires at the end of the month) and that she'll try to get hold of the GM. We are rather annoyed.
Fine. We got back to B-Child running around and we eat our sandwiches (and learn that hers that was request without tomatoes, had them removed after being made with them. Which wouldn't be that big a deal without this other pain. But what if she was allergic instead of just didn't like them?). After another hour or watching B-Child, manager girl comes back and says that she got hold of the GM, refunded the entire transaction and would Cousin be kind enough to sign this new receipt for the fixed charge? That's fine, but I do wish they could've just refunded the kid's meal charge, or if that was impossible, offered a 10% discount on her meal, or a free coffee or something. So, eventually its worked out, but we are overall unimpressed with the service, and we understand a little more why they might've needed to do the Groupon deal, and why it seemed so empty while we were there.

So this entire write is mostly to warn anybody else in the area (I don't think its a chain, but either way) that the staff (eccept possibly that semi-manager) there is neither terribly concerned with doing their jobs correctly (register guy really did seem on something brain altering), or with fixing mistakes. And the policy of only the GM doing refunds and no one being able to comp is just straight up bad policy.
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