Vanessa (elitist_maus) wrote in bad_service,

I might get someone fiiiiiiiiired, or at least in trouble.

So I'm looking for work right now. I dropped off an application at this record store I really love around 7:30 last night on my way to a concert. When I was there, I missed a phonecall from a number I didn't know around 11. They left a message!

"Hey, this is Sean from (record store). I'm calling from my house phone number, so maybe you didn't recognize it. I wanted to talk to you about an interview and stuff. Give my cell phone number a call anytime at (number). The sooner the better, because we really need the help, and there are a lot of people applying. Thanks, have a nice night".

I wasn't expecting to hear back so fast, but I was really excited because I really want the job!

I tried calling the cell phone number twice today, no answer. Being the assertive type, I also called the record store looking for him. He wasn't working until later. I told the woman on the phone he had called me for an interview, and I wanted to know if I should call back later or if she'd tell him I'd call...


Woman: "Uhh... I'm actually the manager. Sean doesn't have authority to call people for interviews."
Me: "WHAT? Oh man, I'm really sorry. I wasn't trying to get anyone in trouble. I thought the call was legit"
Woman: "Oh, it's OK. I don't know why he'd do that. Who is this?"
Me: "Vanessa XYZ"
Woman: "Oh, you actually had a really great application. I wasn't calling anyone until like next week. I'll probably call you then."
Me: "Oh awesome. Thanks. Hey, I really didn't mean to cause any trouble, I just didn't know"
Woman: "Oh, no, it's OK! You'll probably hear from me next week"

WEIRD. Part of me kind of hopes I get him fired, because that's one more open position I could be filling. The dude fucked up. If he was the guy I handed my application to and he thought I was hot or something and left a message reflecting that, I wouldn't have gone for it, but I also wouldn't have been offended and called the store to report it. The fact that he'd make it sound like he had authority to offer me an interview/job pisses me off.

I just hope this doesn't hurt my chance of getting the job!

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