Oliver (ithinkdirt) wrote in bad_service,

vet misbill; what do

My cat just had a surgery to remove a large mass between his shoulder blades. We were billed, given instructions for his care and sent home.

A few hours later I get a call, telling me that they undercharged us by $156. Now, I feel really weird about this. I liked the service I got - they seemed like good people, the doctor was amiable and did not talk down to me (an issue I took with the place we went to first) and the rest of the staff were friendly, quick to help and answer questions.

But I still feel that that's kinda bullshitty. It's their mistake. I might just be feeling sore because it was a very large amount of money in the first place [my boyfriend joked that we should rename him "Bonus Check"] because people are human beings, and it seems like a good, private run practice.

I can't say with 100% confidence that it isn't some scammy sort of thing - there's nothing that says nice-seeming, talented people can't rip you off. I can just see it really, charging little bits and pieces over. Enough to be a pretty piece of money to them, but not enough that someone is likely to fight it very hard. Especially if they want to continue using their services, I am sure. [not that I have been informed as such, but I imagine that's the most logical response] Overall, that just makes me uncomfortable. Is that enough to simply think twice? My boyfriend says he wants to pay it. Again, I am caught between "good service" and "bs vibes".

Does anybody have any experience with this? Is jerking people around a common thing, or am I possibly being overly paranoid? I am genuinely torn here, I've never been in this situation. I don't want to be a stingy dick but... isn't it sort of their problem? The woman who called even admitted as such, "Sorry, [nervous laugh] it is totally our fault..." and then she asked me to pay for it. I don't want to screw over a legitimate, good veterinary practice, but I also don't want to leave myself open to being screwed. I would prefer if this situation involved no screwing of any kind.

edit: It seems that I will be asking for an itemized bill, thanks everyone. :)

edit 2: upon specifically searching for negative reviews I have come across some that I find unsettling. http://pittsburgh.citysearch.com/review/8605504?star=1 Especially with one of the staff replying directly and in public? Now I am worried again.
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