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A real WTF for you.

This is more of a WTF bad service.

In a few weeks my best friend Rosie is having her wedding shower. I received her invitation and RSVPed to it. It clearly states the shower is being held by Rosie's mother and the groom's sister. NOT ME. This is very relevant later.

It's being held at a Hall, not a restaurant. Now, I have a LOT of food allergies so when I called up to say I was coming I asked about this. They didn't know and said to call the Hall and find out. The food has already been selected. Not a big deal, I wasn't expecting to be accommodated.

So I call up the Hall to find out if I can in fact A) eat anything there or B) bring my own food. Well, A was a big NO and B was a YES. Joy! So I think everything is all fine.

Then I get a phone call about a week later. It's from the Hall and they want their last payment for the event.

I'm sorry, what? Money? I have to pay to go to a shower? I'm not even EATING anything there. I am very confused as why I have to pay and they are very confused as why I think I DON'T have to pay. It turns out they think I am the one hosting the shower. Never mind that my name is not on anything. You'd think they have contacts on who rented out their space and services. After about 5-10 minutes of trying to sort everything out and me adamantly telling them NO they ask ME for the phone number of Rosie's mother.

I just...what? How can you loose all the information like that? How can ME asking about food suddenly change to ME fronting the bill? This better not happen at the wedding, it's being held in the same place.

Everything was all fixed in the end, I called Rosie's mum to make sure. I kinda feel bad, but weddings and even wedding showers are crazy hectic and things can fall by the way side. It's just that it was rather something I didn't need to know.

Edited to fix a few spelling mistakes.
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