Mandi (weirdweb) wrote in bad_service,

Okay, so I know the housing market is so nuts in the state of Maryland that most listing agents don't have the time to call back every single prospective buyer. I have come to terms with this.

The listing agent I tried to deal with yesterday has no such excuse.

My realtor calls her up about a property that's just come out on the market. It doesn't have a lockbox, so the listing agent has to meet us there. Okay, whatever. So when my realtor tells her where we're coming from, the listing agent whines, "Oh, you're half an hour away!"

Now here's the kicker: We ask her if it's a bad time and if I should wait til Friday (today). She says no. She says she will be there.

So we skirt around rush-hour traffic and weird directions and by some miracle get there exactly half an hour after talking to the listing agent.

Guess who ISN'T there, didn't stick around to wait for us, didn't leave either of us a message (despite having both our cell numbers) and isn't answering her phone?


Next time, lady, if you can't wait around, just SAY SO. Buyers just LOVE the message that you have no problem wasting their time but can't be bothered to be honest about your own lack of patience.

Am I alone in thinking that was just a bit inconsiderate? I mean, she could have at least left us a phone message before taking off.
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