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The only thing I'm involved with is being awesome

Next year I'm just going to buy her some Bratz dolls...

In the middle of November I ordered a subscription to the Disney Princess magazine as a Christmas present for my niece. I couldn't find a direct way to order it through Disney, so I ordered it through one of those magazine sites, Magazines USA.

I figured ordering it a month and a half before Christmas would get it there in a reasonable amount of time.

A couple weeks ago, my sister-in-law emailed me to let me know it hadn't arrived yet (they're in Georgia, I'm in California and we're not exactly a close family).

I logged onto the Magazine USA site and contacted customer service who eventually informed me that they were "checking on it".

I waited a few days and emailed again to check on their checking. No response.

I wait another day and email again, this time asking if I need to file a chargeback, which was apparently the magic word because they got back to me in less than an hour to tell me there was no need to file a chargeback because they were still "checking on it".

I wait another day, tweet at their twitter account and leave a comment on their blog. No response. In the meantime, I find a bunch of complaints about them online about never sending magazines that were ordered. My 20/20 hindsight tells me I should have checked that before ordering from them.

Since I purchased it on my debit card, I'm not even sure I can file a chargeback, so I do a bit more digging online and finally file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in New Jersey (where they're located).

Within a day, I get an email telling me they're going to issue me a refund because they can't provide me with an answer. Fine, I order it from another place with significantly less online complaints. I'm just hoping my niece gets the magazine before her birthday in September.

The next day, I get a phone call and email from the marketing director of Magazines USA telling me they've spoken to the publisher and there had been a problem with the spelling of the city name (1. no there wasn't. and 2. the zip code was correct. and 3. my phone number and email address were on file, they could have contacted me at any time), but it's been corrected and my niece will have her subscription soon. Also, they were giving me a 50% refund for the trouble. I tell them I'd either like them to cancel the order and give me a full refund or contact the publisher and piggyback that subscription onto the one I ordered yesterday so my niece gets 2 years or the magazine.

So, I was possibly a bit more persistent (pushy) than necessary, but 4 and a half months is possibly a bit longer than it should take for an order to be delivered.

Now I'm just crossing my fingers that my niece continues to love the Disney Princesses for another 2 years.
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