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Childcare issues

Currently I take my 2 children to childrens learning adventure. I was pleased with their service up until today.

A few weeks ago my daughter graduated from infants to toddlers. I asked about my rates which were at $228 a week. They told me the rate would drop and I stood with the director and an employee for a good half hour discussing rates. They dropped it to $137.60. I said "okay I don't know the rates per child so what will it be in full?" to which they said that was my rate for her graduating and my son going a day less a week. I thought it was too good to be true and asked for them to recalculate my rate for both children. They recalculated and said "both Nathan and Emma will be 137.60 a week" I was floored but figured that if the director was agreeing this was correct. I don't argue saving money.

For 3 weeks we've paid the new rates and today I receive a call stating we owe them $500. I was then told the rate $137.60 was just my daughter and my rates remained at $220. I asked why I was told a different amount and was told it was a misunderstanding. Okay. But if my rates weren't going to change, why did we recalculate and why was I allowed to sit and pay the new amount with the director?

So I asked to speak to the director and was placed on hold for a good 5 minutes and then hung up on. Now I cannot get ahold of anyone and I am furious. If my rates weren't changing why would the recalculate and say "your new rate is..." I explained that the rate was nearly $100 less and I was shocked but they then confirmed this new rate. I don't know the breakdown of rates and with the change in class and the number of days my son was attending changing, and the fact I was told they were correct, I paid the new amount.

Where would you go if you were dealing with this? I am torn between going down there but I know I need to calm down because I am livid. I am ready to pull my kids out of there altogether. I could scream right now. Edited to remove my address. Thank you for pointing that out! Will not be trusting the LJ app again.

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