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Newegg misses the point of Paypal

I placed a rather large order for computer parts from Newegg.com, a source I have liked in the past. I verified that they accept Paypal - they don't take international credit cards but they do take Paypal so I figured I'd just use that. I put in my fiancee's US-based shipping address, ensured that Paypal sent them USD instead of GBP, and submitted my payment. 

I received several order confirmation emails. The next day, I received a notice from Paypal that my payment had been refunded. Going to the Newegg site, I find out the order is void. WHAT?!

I chat with one of their reps who claims the "Address was invalid". After being told I need to verify that "UPS can ship to that address" I ask if this might be having to do with my having a UK-based Paypal account. I was told then that they do not accept Paypal unless it's attached to a US bank account.

Fun fact? They also don't take orders unless the SHIPPING address is attached to your bank account. No gifts here! You're only allowed to buy things for yourself, why would you even think of buying something for a friend. 

I'm urging people not to use newegg anymore until they start truly accepting Paypal. Plenty of times I see people in one country buying a gift for a friend in another; the beauty of the Internet is it's not US-based, but truly global. It make sense for a company to only be able to ship to a certain area - but not taking valid, legal tender because it comes from a foreigner is downright infuriating to many online shoppers. Anyone know a good alternative I can use for affordable computer parts?

ETA: The entire sequence of emails:
Mar 23:
Newegg: Welcome to Newegg! (I couldn't remember my pass so I made a new account with my school email)

Paypal: You've added a new address! (My fiancee's US address, to my UK paypal account)

Newegg: Order Confirmation

Newegg: Payment Charged

Mar 24: Paypal: Refund from Newegg! 


As you can see, the shipping address was attached to the Paypal account before the order went through. Also, Newegg didn't bother telling me my order was cancelled. 

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