_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

Oh. My.

Backstory: So, I go into AMPM pretty often. Posted about that place before. It's a quick stop on my way to school and they have the cheapest gas/cigarettes/whatever near my house. So I've put up with some bad service for some cheap stuff. It's just the way it goes sometimes.

Anyway, most of the employees know me, or I've seen them around. Almost all have sold me cigarettes. Especially
I walked up to the counter, and she actually was ready to sell me what I wanted! Shock.

Me: Myself
TG: That girl

TG: Hey. What can I get for ya?
Me: Hi... Marlboro menthols please
TG: That it?
Me: Yup
TG: Ok, that's *total*... you're 18, right?
Me: Yeah *thinking, wow, best form of checking ID EVER*
TG: Ok, have a nice day!

As I'm walking out I hear her yell at me. I go back and she says, "I forgot to check your ID!"
Me: ...ok? You already sold me the cigarettes.
TG: But I gotta check!
Me: You realize I could be 15... and you just sold me cigarettes and THEN checked my ID... right?
TG: But I still gotta check. Give me your ID!
Me: *gets out ID, shows her*
TG: You aren't 18! I don't want you coming back here again!
Me: Excuse me? I'm 18... birthdate 11/10/86... It says straight on the card... 18 in 2004.
TG: Exactly!
Me: *wtf?* 18 in 2004... it's 2005 now.

Honestly I had to sit there and explain to the girl that ... years don't go backwards. She finally understood what was going on when she read my card. And told me I could come back if I wanted to. It's more necessarily "Bad" service just... holding me up once again when I'm on my way somewhere. And ... not being very smart?
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