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My girlfriend, myself, and a couple friends stopped by a McDonald's for some food awhile back. When we went in, the guy at the counter was talking to another employee. So we waited patiently. For  a few minutes. It wasn't an excessively long time, but he did see us come in and wait at the counter and continued with what was obviously a personal conversation. I didn't have a huge problem with it, I'm a patient person.

When he finally did come over, I ordered for my girlfriend and I. My order looked something like this:
 - One cheeseburger meal, only ketchup, with a vanilla shake for a drink.
 - One large order of chicken nuggets, with a shamrock shake, no cherry. I made sure to specify that they could not put a cherry on it, because she's allergic.
(My girlfriend is allergic to the food dye Red 40. Marischino cherries are basically drowned in the stuff, and strawberry shakes also have some in them.)

What we got was this:
- One cheeseburger meal, everything, with a strawberry shake that tasted vaguely of mint and/or chocolate.
 - One large order of chicken nuggets, with a shamrock shake, complete with cherry and about an inch of strawberry shake mixed in the bottom.

Now, I'm fine with the occasional mix up of orders. Particularly when it's busy, or maybe the server looks new or something. This particular McDonald's is really good for mixing up my Vanilla shake with something else (I've only actually gotten a vanilla shake once out of the past four times we've been there.). I can live with another flavor of shake, though I'm not fond of chocolate or strawberry.
I suppose I can understand where there might be a mix up with the cherry -- they put a cherry on all their shakes, maybe it's just a reflex.

But in this instance, the place was empty besides us, and the person serving us clearly had "manager" written on his nametag, so I'm hoping he knew what he was doing.  The caketopper, however, was the attitude I got when I corrected the Shamrock shake order. As soon as he set it on the counter, I politely repeated, "She's allergic to the cherry on this, and the strawberry at the bottom of it." He swiped it off the counter, took the lid off, and scooped almost all of the whipped cream off the top, put another lid on, and slammed it back on the counter. Didn't do anything about the strawberry in the bottom, didn't replace any of the whipped cream, not even so much as a "sorry." I'm rather glad I didn't point out the issues with the rest of the order!
We left, I gave the messed up shake to another friend, and I bought her a coffee somewhere else. Had it been a regular employee, I might have considered asking for a manager. But I'm not really sure who to ask for when you're being served by a manager. Any tips?

My girlfriend mentioned that she's had problems with another McDonald's that doesn't rinse the machine in between shakes and often mixes them. I'm not usually a big fan of McDonald's, so I can't say as I have much personal experience with them.

EDIT: Added a cut, because it looked kinda long. :p
Tags: *fast food, allergies, maybe there's chicken pox juice on it
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