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And this is exactly why Im switching doctors

So I am planning on switching OB's from the local hospital to one almost two hours away because of the horrible first visit I had.

Today I had to go in and pick up a medical release form for the new doctor, I called in advance to make sure I did not need to bring in anything special and that it did not cost anything and the woman on the phone was pleasant both times I called, the woman I met there in person was not..

When I got there she was on the phone so I stood a few steps away from the counter for privacy, turns out that that did no good and she was talking quite loud about her grand-daughter's up coming play.

I inched a bit closer to make it clear that I needed something figuring that once she realized this she would cut out the gossip and help me..I was wrong.

I stood there for about 6 minutes and managed to make eye contact with her several times only to be ignored while she blathered on, at this point a woman had gotten in line behind me and then left a few minutes later.

She finally moved the phone away from her ear and asked "Do you NEED something??" to which I replied rather bluntly "Yes, I need a medical release form".

She put the phone back up to her ear without any response, turns in her chair and grabs a form and then puts it in her lap and continues her conversation for about 2-3 more minutes at which point she puts the form on the counter with a pen and points, not asks or instructs JUST FREAKIN POINTS to a box where I have to sign some info.

All the while still talking about the details of the costumes of the play (Im guessing it was Wizard of Oz because she mentioned a tin man).

I filled out the form and passed it back and then had to wait for her to separate the yellow copy and shove the top part back at me.

I grabbed it and turned to walk away and she shouts in a rude voice " Have a nice day"

UGHH I wanted to turn around and rip the phone out her hand and slap the shit out of her.

Good thing Im agoraphobic and passive or that lady would have gotten an ear full.

Am I being a bitch?
Tags: bedside manners
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